So You Want To Make Baby Food


Making homemade baby food is literally one of my favorite things to do right now.  I’ll be honest, I don’t even like to cook, but there is something different about making food for my little guy that has its own charm.  Maybe it’s all the cute faces & extremely messy feedings – especially when it’s the 1st time he’s trying a new food?  Whatever the reason, I am soaking in all the joys of this special milestone.  

If you are thinking about making baby food, you may have seen all of the fancy products on the market.  I haven’t used any of those myself, so I can’t say if they are worth the extra money or not, but I have been very happy with my setup, which is pretty simple.

I use a food processor that I’ve had for nearly a decade and my regular pot that has a steamer tray in it.  Those items, along with a peeler, cutting board, and knife are pretty much all you need.  To make it easy to freeze & store extra food (because a little goes a long way in baby portions!) I use these silicone freezer trays, and glass baby food jars – they are SO convenient! 


There are plenty of recipes out there, but I really like this cookbook.  It breaks recipes down by ages & stages, and makes things so easy that even I can do it!

Do you make your own baby food?  What are your favorite supplies to use or recipes to make?

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