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If you took a survey of all the people who have met me, I would like to think the majority of them would say that I am a “COOL” person. And if you ask me…well, I think I am a VERY cool person! ? But I DO NOT want to be a “Cool Mom.” The word mom or definition rather is encompassing of so many things; Mom is a protector, chef, cuddle partner, rock, crying shoulder…I mean the list goes on and on, it is practically endless!!! From birth to graduation, these are the things I want from my relationship with my sons, I want to be a loving, respected, trusted, and joyful mom. But these are my expectations for myself, my husband, and my boys.

LOVE – I want to LOVE them and be loved by them unconditionally. I want them to know that a mistake is a lesson and we all make them. Wrongdoings no matter how big will never change how much I love them! No matter how old they get they will always be my little men, my babies!

RESPECT – Respect can be fleeting and it is most certainly EARNED and NOT given. But undoubtedly the second most important characteristic that I want for my boys. Not only respect for others but respect for themselves. And a kind of self-respect that can never be wavered or shattered and the kind that will influence them to make decisions, and hopefully always good ones.

TRUST – Trust can be broken, and if it is you can not stop at words to repair it, only actions can build it back up. As much as I want to be able to trust them, I also want them to trust me. They may never understand or know the reasons why but all decisions and conclusions are made with the best intentions and the good and betterment of all parties involved. As it is allowed or appropriate I will explain, I will give a reason so that the can understand with more clarity, and can look beyond the end of their own nose. ?

JOY – Joy that is beyond measure, a joy that will leave an impression on their heart, which is so much greater than their mind. Joy every day, most certainly not ALL day but definitely EVERY DAY! Simple joys found in the most ordinary thing and joy that can only come when something feels miraculous!

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Don’t get me wrong, I want to be their best friend too, but I feel like that title is reserved for after they have left my house. When they are finally learning life lessons solely in the real world. To be quite honest, my Mom is my best friend and so is my Mother-in-law. They are always the first ones I ask advice, the first (and sometimes ONLY) opinions I take to heart and let influence a decision.

I do think I am a Cool Person, and I believe my kids see that. But in their eyes, I first and foremost want to be their Mother. So besides “Perfect Mother” the other defining title I reject is “Cool Mom.”

All my love,

Nichole Garcia

P.S. Nichole is also a seasoned Sports Mom – read her calendar tips here!

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Nichole is a thirty-something wife and mother currently living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She was however, born and raised in Texas and lived there until her early 20s. Nichole was a Combat Medic in the US Army and met a boy in her Advanced Training. They were inseparable from the day they met and she moved to the Midwest for love. Their story is a crazy one but it’s theirs and simply because of that, it’s obvs her favorite! Nichole considers herself a Jack of Many Trades, yet Master of None. She works full time in corporate marketing and has a photography business. She loves to take pretty pictures (Squid Photography) and share love through a warm meal. Her schedule is always full and it makes her a little crazy sometimes but she covets all the relationships that have arisen from the chaos. Nichole’s biggest and greatest accomplishment was receiving the title of “Mother”. She and her husband, Jeremy, were triply blessed with handsome boys! Peyton John Michael, their oldest is 14, a high school freshman, and probably smarter than her! Middle son, Piercen Rush is 10, in 4th grade and has the kindest heart! Their youngest Sir Pennington Matthews is 8 going on 18, he is loud and crazy! She claims her house is always a mess, they are always coming or going and she and her husband barely talk about anything in the “Adult” category but she absolutely LOVES her life! And can’t wait to share it with you!