Is it safe for kids to go back to the pediatric dentist during the pandemic?

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Now that more people are starting to resume their usual and daily activities, you might be wondering if it is safe to go back to the pediatric dentist.  The answer is yes.  Since the start of the pandemic, most, if not all, dentists and dental offices have been working very hard to implement extra measures to protect their patients, staff, and themselves from COVID-19.  Even before the pandemic, dental offices were required to abide by and maintain very strict hygiene protocols.  Many offices have even elected to temporarily stop or limit certain procedures.

Things will be different at your child’s next pediatric dental visit.

You’ll probably see many changes to their offices, policies, and protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Their staff will have a lot of extra protective gear on such as face masks, face shields, gowns, and gloves. 

Other changes that make it safe to go back to the dentist include:

  • Temperature checks
  • Mandatory facemasks
  • Use of hand sanitizer
  • Health screens
  • Waiting in the vehicle
  • Closed play areas
  • Closed or limited waiting areas
  • No more books, magazines or toys
  • Social distancing
  • Limited appointment availability
  • Extra ventilation systems/air purifiers
  • Virtual consults

What to do if your child is really nervous about their dental visits.

If you or your child is nervous about their dental visit, don’t forget that your pediatric dentist is still the same person you’ve known for years and have come to build a trusting relationship with.  For many years they’ve been making their office a fun and safe environment for their patients and are working hard to make it even safer now. 

Give your pediatric dentist a call before your child’s appointment to address any concerns – give them a chance to explain their new policies they have in place.  It might be possible to delay your child’s dental care for a few months if you’re uncomfortable taking your child to their appointments during the pandemic, but make sure to make a collaborative decision with their pediatric dentist – some conditions or procedures can’t wait!

What should you do about your child’s dental visits?

Essentially, the answer may come down to your own personal level of comfort.  As we look ahead and see no true end date and while many things are being canceled, cavities, plaque, and gum diseases have not gotten the memo.

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