Amy is a stay-at-home mom of three young children, two girls and a boy, ages 6, 3, and, 1. A native of Sheboygan, WI, she and her husband permanently moved to Green Bay in 2010 after the birth of their first daughter. Amy is in the middle of her second year of homeschooling, which often consists of distracting a crazy one- year-old while trying to teach lesson plans. Coffee is her best friend. Her family is currently searching for their dream country home where they plan to raise some animals and grow their own food. You might see her out with her family exploring new places in the area to run off energy. They often spend the summer looking for fun, nearby beaches and pools. Amy is also interested in learning creative ways to budget, coupon, and find easy, healthy recipes for her family of picky eaters.
Christmas cookies

My Favorite Christmas Cookies

I️ have so many special childhood memories of making Christmas cookies with my mom. She always hosted a big Christmas Day celebration for our family, and would make a huge variety of cookies and candy to share. Her Christmas platter was a thing of beauty and I always admired it. She graciously let me take over the family cookie making when I got married and had my own home. This year however, I am finding with three young children that I may have hit my limit! I have decided to pick our favorites and let the rest of it go for now. There will be plenty of time again when the littles are older and I'm missing the chaos of cooking with three young children. Here are a couple of recipes that made the cut for this year.

The Summer Beach Challenge! 15 Beaches in 60 Days.

Most are free, but several are State Parks that require a day pass or park sticker to gain entrance. My goal is to visit all of these beaches this Summer. Are you up for the challenge too?
green bay parks

30 Green Bay Area Parks That You Should Visit This Year!

Spring is officially here, so it's not too soon to start planning park days! We have some TRULY great parks in our area. The kiddos may get a little muddy, but the fresh air helps them sleep SO much better (totally worth the extra laundry). Here are 30 (yes 30!!) parks that are worth a visit this year. This list by no means covers every park in the Green Bay area, but it's enough to jump start your season! Did we include your favorites? Let us know in the comments. Happy playing!
Open Gyms

Keep Cabin Fever Away With These Great Open Gyms in the Area!

AHHH February is here!! I don't know about your family, but by the time February rolls around, my kiddos are literally bouncing off the walls. By now we've done it all indoors - from play dough to massive blanket forts - and cabin fever is definitely setting in. My oldest asks me every day how many more days until Spring (I hate to break it to you sweetie, but Spring in Wisconsin is RARELY punctual). The only silver lining is the great area we live in! When we first moved here, we were pleasantly surprised at all of the family friendly activities in Green Bay. You can almost attend an open gym every day of the week! 
Green Bay Outdoor Swimming Lessons

Swim Time! Outdoor Summer Swimming Lessons in the Green Bay Area.

Summer is the season we all look forward to in Wisconsin. After a long winter I am SO ready to get out with the kids and go camping, play sports, hang out at the beach, and to just be OUTSIDE without having to wear 10 layers of clothing! But to me, Summer is also the time when we get to spend a few weeks at our community pool for swimming lessons. Registration for these classes begins in a few short weeks, so here is a list of our local outdoor swimming lessons. The lessons are very reasonably priced, and (bonus!), they help the kiddos learn a great life saving skill! Hope to see you at a pool this Summer!
Hooray! Christmas is Over

Hurray! Christmas is OVER!

This year I am so excited that Christmas is over!! Don’t get me wrong - I am a Christmas fiend!! I decorate everything in my house, bake every recipe (and subsequently gain fifteen extra pounds for the New Year), and I do it all with three crazy kiddos between one and six underfoot. So this month, in my mind, I was FINALLY going to get a break from the planning, and especially from the two Elves on the Shelf who joined our family last year (yes we have two, and they are married). The new year was supposed to be the end of the extra ‘magic’ for my six year old. A break from trying to find creative poses for the elves, or inventing a big story about how the elves set up the baking supplies and then left and went back to the EXACT spots they were when my daughter went to the bed the night before. But sadly, my break is not anywhere in sight just yet.