Brooke is a mom of two. She married her college sweetheart, Tate while attending school at Tennessee Tech University. Passionate about health and fitness, Brooke earned her degree in Exercise Science and Physical Wellness -- her and her husband taught physical education in Savannah, Georgia before moving back home to Green Bay. Brooke opened Pure Barre Green Bay, a women's fitness studio last fall and is excited to get re-acquainted with her hometown and meet new mommas in the area. In her free time Brooke enjoys time with family at their cabin, sipping on coffee and going on long walks with her family.

Training for the Ultimate Fitness Test: Child Labor {How Pure Barre helped me...

No lie and no shame, I am in the best shape of my life after having two children! And not just myself, I see my clients on the daily experience the same changes and results. I encourage you to come take a class and to get up and get moving throughout pregnancy and beyond!
Top 5 Maternity Must-Haves

Top 5 Maternity Must-Haves

With two pregnancies under my belt I found a couple of must-have, staple items that really helped keep me comfortable as my belly grew through each pregnancy. Comfort is SO SO key when pregnant, I felt like I would do anything and purchase whatever necessary to keep comfortable. Let's face it, it gets tough carrying a child, especially the last few months -- I hope these 5 items help you through!
Free Baby Items

Fun and Free Items Pregnant Mommas Receive Without Even Asking

Pregnant with our second child I have come to the realization that pregnant moms get so much free stuff without even asking for it, it’s insane! Things start coming in the mail, you get free baby items in the bottom of your shopping bag, its like everyone knows you are pregnant before it has even really sunk in with you yet. Baby commercials will start popping out at you and your Facebook ads draw you into buying Christmas pajamas for your whole family...true story, we are set with matching Christmas pajamas this year. Yikes.
Tackling School Lunch

Tackling the School Lunch for the First-Time Mom

Packing a school lunch for the first time. Should be easy right? Thoughts rush into my head of other people actually seeing what I feed my child at home — some days are great,...
Life of Working Mom

Life of the Working Mom: Keeping “Too Busy” Out of your Vocabulary 

Let’s cut to the chase. Moms are BUSY. Just you reading this means your kiddos are sleeping, not with you at the moment, or you need just 2 minutes of mommy time as they...