Caitlin resides in Oneida with her husband where they have a beautiful blended family of four kids ranging in age from 4 to 13 along with the family dog and cat. Caitlin spent most of her childhood in Appleton and moved to the small town of Reedsburg, WI at 13. After exploring various parts of Wisconsin in early adulthood, college brought her back to the area where she attended UW-Green Bay for her bachelor's degree in Political Science and Environmental Policy & Planning. Later, she attended UW-Oshkosh for a Master's Degree in Public Administration. The initial plan was to move away after college but she met her husband, a Green Bay native, she fell in love with him and the area. They decided to settle where both had family nearby and purchased a 'fixer-upper' in Oneida just down the road from her youngest brother, parents and grandparents. Most of her time is spent attempting to help her husband (who is much more handy) with home renovation projects, and taking the kids on fun hiking excursions that sometimes includes some geocaching or as her kids refer to it, 'treasure hunting'. One of her favorite parts of living in this area is the close proximity to waterfalls and various hiking spots.
kids cleaning up toys

Chores for Screen Time

Welcome to the story that led to chores for screen time in my household!  At the beginning of the lockdown, we were struggling with what we were going to do in our small-ish house...