While originally from the Milwaukee area, Carly resides with her husband, daughter and family dog in Appleton. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh. Carly fell in love with the Fox Valley area while attending college and somehow convinced her southern-born husband it's pretty cool, too. She currently works full-time in marketing for a non-profit and will soon take on a dream part-time position that not only will advance her career but give her time to pursue other interests and focus on her family. In her free time, Carly likes to travel, read and write and can almost always be found outdoors, weather permitting.
Chores for a preschooler

Appropriate Chores for a Preschooler

As I was standing outside in the cold, trying to convince my dog to stop sniffing and just do her business already, I had this thought: I cannot wait until my daughter can do...
New Year's resolutions - planner that says this is your year

How to NOT Write New Year’s Resolutions

Confession: I do not write New Year's Resolutions or goals.    I mean sure, I have big-picture ideas and things that I strive for, but just the thought of writing goals makes my chest tighten up....
All moms deserve daily celebration. High five, mom!

I’m Giving You a High Five, Mom

An interesting fact - I am currently the sole income provider for my family. I realize this is kind of unique because I am a woman and if there is a family set up...