Heather, a native Texan, currently lives in De Pere, WI. She is a wife and a mother of two little boys, three and five years old, they keep her busy and entertained. The Green Bay area is wonderful because it provides opportunities to spend time with friends and explore all facets of the outdoors. Heather is also a Veteran who has lived in multiple different countries and states, over a span of 14 years, while being an Investigator and Military Police Officer with the U.S. Army. She is currently a Nursing student at Bellin College. She runs her own business, About a Baby Doula, LLC, and is an Associated Doula with Green Bay Doulas. As a Doula she provides labor and postpartum support and she is certified through the American Red Cross to instruct and certify Adult and Infant CPR/First Aid/AED. Even with a busy schedule, she tries to spend as much quality time as possible with her family. She wants to instill in them a love of travel and everyday adventure. She believes there are few things more important than having a wandering spirit, a welcoming home, a listening ear, and coffee or wine to share with friends.
Mom working with 2 children; doing enough

My Busy Badge. The real reason I do not feel like I am doing...

Currently, I am working twoish jobs, sometimes three, going to school for my Bachelor’s in Nursing, and most importantly I am a wife and mother. Am I doing enough? Whenever I meet people and...
Dad, Breastfeeding, dad's role in breastfeeding

While Baby Was Feeding… Dad’s Important Role in Breastfeeding

    The list of positive outcomes associated with breastfeeding grow every day. For the child, a few advantages are that it reduces the rate of childhood obesity, lessens the chance of diabetes later of...

Breastfeeding: Thriving Not Just Surviving

Breastfeeding. Just the word can stir up strong emotions. Fear, joy, sadness, the list goes on... The actual task can be even more daunting but it doesn't have to be.

Look In Your Belly Button… And other useful camping...

With these simple camping safety hacks you will be back and running through the sprinkler in no time.
summer safety

Summer Safety With a Splash

Summer is here and we are ready to hit the beach, or pool, or puddles, what ever warm splashy body of water we can get into. Here are a few summer safety rules to keep in mind while enjoying the warm weather.

This One is Not a Monster (in Law)

When you get married it is easy to overlook some important aspects. It is not all lace, chalkboard signs, and cake tastings. You get way more than just a new partner in life or someone to nag when they leave the strawberries out overnight. You get their family.

SAHM – A Four Letter Word

It is amazing how much power one term, SAHM, had over me. I had become my own four-letter word.

The Perfect Birth Plan

I am a Doula, a woman who unbiasedly supports women, their partners, and families, during pregnancy, by supporting them emotionally, educationally, mentally, and physically. Support looks different, depending on the mother and partner, but often, I am able to assist them when they write their birth plan. There is comfort in having a plan, knowing what they want, and feeling of control, especially in pregnancy when they feel so out of control.

Have kids, will travel. Five air travel tips to get your family going.

I am a wanderer. One of my goals when I had children was to pass the love of travel and exploration to them. Little did I realize when I made that goal, traveling on...

Saving Your Family, One Breath at a Time

The best way to be prepared is to plan. This takes time and coordination, but this is little to ask when it comes to the safety of our families.