Jolene grew up in Luxemburg, WI. After going to college in Stevens Point and working for a year in the Milwaukee area, she moved to De Pere, WI to get married, start a family, and pursue her career. Both the youngest of six, Jolene and her husband always wanted a big family. After struggling to get pregnant, their family was jump-started by having identical twin girls, Eden and Ellie, who are now 5. Then came Jude, who will be 3 in August, and they just welcomed James, Baby #4, in June. Both she and her husband work, and Jolene owns her own company, www.howtoconcerts.com, planning large scale entertainment events across the country. Because she has to travel for work, Jolene has used a breast pump while flying, driving, walking and talking, and has the war stories to prove it. Her keys to success (aka survival) are the members of her support system, starting with her husband and extended family, and ending with good coffee and a sense of humor.
Turning Valentine's Day

Turning Valentine’s Day From Awful to Awesome

I used to despise Valentine’s Day. That is, until my husband implemented “The Valentine’s Day Dance Party” and turned it from awful to awesome! Sorry all you V-day lovers, but for many years I called it...
Soup Title

The Only 5 Soup Recipes You Need This Winter

I love soup. I could eat soup any time of year, including the middle of summer. I’d sweat my way through it and still enjoy it. I also love my crockpot, as you could...
We Moms? We Rally!

We Moms? We Rally! Encouragement for Tired Moms

It’s that roller coaster that defines our lives. There are high points, and there are low points. Sometimes we want a break from being mom. Maybe you’ll go get a manicure, have a glass of wine, or lock yourself in the bathroom, but you’re still a mom. 

Make Giving Tuesday A Family Event

Giving Tuesday is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving – which falls on November 28th this year.   #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving, started in 2012, that has continued to grow thanks to the power of social media.  It kicks off the giving season after the two busiest shopping days of the year - Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, and I love the online deals of Cyber Monday even more.  But Giving Tuesday is a fantastic reminder about what the holiday season is all about: Giving.    

“Sleep When the Baby Sleeps” And Other Ridiculous Things We Say to Mothers

I have four children, or maybe five, I don’t know - I lost count. Whether you have two or seven, anything more than one child makes all the sound parenting advice from well-meaning grocery...

No-Fuss Dinner Solution: The Picnic

Instead, let’s share a meal in the great outdoors! Picnics have become our family’s new go-to, and our latest mission is to invite others along. Here is a low-maintenance way of getting people of all ages together for a meal. Host your picnic at a public park with a playground and you’ve got your perfect solution for anyone with small children.
Remind Me What My Doorbell Sounds Like

Remind Me What My Doorbell Sounds Like

Our modern-day friendships consist of text messages, commenting on each other’s social media posts, and somehow feeling closer to each other’s lives from the snippets we see on Facebook. But when was the last time your doorbell actually rang (other than the UPS driver dropping off your latest online purchase)?
June Recipes

5 Simple June Recipes From the Garden

I love my garden. With several young kids helping me haphazardly plant seeds, I only succeed in growing a few things (one of which is weeds). But I’m fortunate enough to harvest a few goodies from it each summer. Fresh produce and herbs are my favorite! If you don’t have a garden – no problem. I encourage you to drop by any of our amazing nearby farmers markets and take advantage of in-season produce by making these favorite late June recipes.

Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy, Delivery and Breastfeeding

My niece is pregnant with her first baby at the same time as I am pregnant with my fourth. How fun is that?! This is my third pregnancy, and I still feel completely surprised...

“Just cried over spilled breastmilk again.” And Other Texts to My Mom Confidante

It all starts with one brutally honest text message, perhaps to an old high school or college friend that also has kids. And after a while, this confidante is the person you text when you accidentally pee your pants again at work. This is who you drunk text from the bathroom of a work holiday party even though you are too old to be drunk texting. This is who you text to confess you forgot to dress your kids in green on St. Patrick’s Day when every other kid at daycare looks like an Irish leprechaun. And this confidante won’t judge you, because they’re texting you the same things.