Hello! I’m a tall mom, with a tall eight year old son, a tall six year old daughter, and a tall husband. My height may be the first thing people notice when we meet, but once they get to know me they learn that I’m hopelessly optimistic, compassionate to most, and usually on-the-go. I’ve called Green Bay home for the majority of my life because of its tight-knit community, the friendliness of neighbors and much of my extended family is nearby.
sensitive child; boy sitting on grass with head in arms

Raising a Sensitive Child: A True Story

Picture this: It was March of 2012 and unseasonably warm. I’m talking eighty-degree weather unseasonably warm. My son was having his first birthday party, and I thought it would be nice to celebrate outside...
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Allergy Friendly Restaurants and Bakeries in the Green Bay Area

For the past thirty (plus) years, I've eaten absolutely any and everything I wanted, wherever I chose. There were no restrictions, no feelings of guilt, and the only side-effects I noticed were the occasional...