Hello! My name is Meg Christel. My family and I live in Bellevue near Josten Park. I am a passionate Real Estate Agent with a background in Social Work, Management, and Customer service. I am excited to be a contributor and share my experiences. I live with my two kiddos ages 17 and 7, two dogs, two kitties, and my fiancé, Austin. We love the Green Bay Area because there are so many new and growing opportunities for young families. We are challenging ourselves to spend more time outside and have found Baird Creek and Barkhausen Nature Center to be two of our favorite places!
Dad and son playing in trees; 1000 hours outside

A Journey to 1000 Hours Outside: Whether you make it or not, you win!

Like many parents, I really struggle knowing how to balance the use of screens in our family.  They are a necessary and nice tool for connection and learning about all the amazing resources in...