Melissa is a mom of two little boys, ages 3 and 6 months. She is a science teacher at Bay View Middle School, and has been a teacher for 7 years. Melissa and her husband also own an organic produce farm, Twin Elm Gardens, so you will often find her at local farmer's markets. Their food is used in many local restaurants. In the winter Melissa and her husband stay very busy as they are also part owners of the Wojcik Christmas Tree Farm. She loves encouraging people to support local, healthy, and sustainable.

What’s for Dinner?

We normally eat dinner at 6:30, and then it's time to put my infant to bed. Right after that, it is my toddler's bed time. And by that point, my husband and I are wore out and just want to veg out and have some time to talk about our days. But it is hard to fully relax because the dishes are hanging over our heads. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I found a great option: the one-pot meal!

The Power of Words

And then it came out of nowhere, a small little sentence, and I was obliterated. My son asked who my mom was, and I replied “grandma.” He asked who's my husband’s mom was, and I replied “nana.” And then he thought for a second, paused, and said “I really want a different mommy.”
The perfect Tree

The Magic of a Christmas Tree

Look at the holidays in the same awe and wonder that a child looks at their tree. Decorating the tree should be about family. The holiday should be about family. It's not the money spent, the presents, or the big meal that matter - its about getting together with those you love, gathering as a family, sitting around a tree, and relishing in the magic of the season.