Melissa Yelle

Melissa Yelle
Melissa Yelle is a Green Bay native, and a mom to two daughters under the age of four. She graduated from St. Norbert College from the Honors Program, and with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Fine Arts. Melissa has been working in the transportation industry since graduation in a variety of roles, including: training and development, compliance, and recently as an area planning manager. Her hobbies include reading and writing (arithmetic…not so much).
Financial Freedom

Retirement Planning for the Future: Tips and Tricks

With tax season upon us again, finances are top of mind. And along with that, making sure everything is on track with retirement planning. Have you taken full advantage of your company’s 401k program?...
hot cocoa bombs

Where to Find Hot Cocoa Bombs in the Green Bay Area

This Valentine’s Day, cozy up with a variety of everyone’s new favorite winter treat: hot cocoa bombs! Ever since last fall, these sweet confections have been trending everywhere and it’s easy to see why:...

Staying Fit For Free: Maintaining Fitness Goals Without the Gym

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Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies for the Win: A Recipe for Magic

Ah, Christmas. In childhood, it all seems so magical: Santa, crafts, and homemade Christmas cookies. But as an adult, you realize just how much work it is to pull off all that holiday cheer....

A Very Covid-19 Thanksgiving: Kid-Friendly Ideas for a Fun Holiday

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Unique Halloween Ideas in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin

Looking for some unique Halloween ideas during the scariest year of them all? Look no further! Coronavirus doesn’t have to cancel Halloween; in fact, many local area attractions have made modifications to be as...
subscription boxes

Subscription Services Anonymous: How to Choose and When to Cancel

Full disclosure, I love getting mail. It’s like a mini version of Christmas, including the surprise element since sometimes I shop late at night and forget what I ordered. So when subscription services started...

Pursuing Your Passion, Postpartum

Back when I was in 1st grade, my mom received a phone call that I’d won a toy kitchen for my drawing in a coloring contest at a local grocery store. I was beyond...
Girl Gamer

Hair Bows and Hand Grenades: Growing Up As a Girl Gamer

I’ll never forget the first time I saw my cousin playing Tetris on Gameboy. It was pretty much the coolest thing I had ever seen. I begged for a Gameboy for Christmas and played...
parenthood advice

Parenthood Advice: Take It All With That Grain Of Salt

If everyone else was jumping onto a sinking Titanic, would you do it too? My answer is a resounding “yes,” if there’s even a chance of bumping into Jack Dawson. I know, I know....