Monica was born and raised in the Green Bay area, and has stayed here most of her adult life with just a short three year stint in Sheboygan. After high school, Monica attended cosmetology school in Appleton and has been in the hair industry for over 17 years. Her career has included managing 14 salons at one time, working as a national educator for world renowned Sexy Hair Products, and most recently as nit-picker extraordinaire as the owner of a lice treatment clinic in Green Bay called Nitorious B.U.G. LLC, while still maintaining her clientele and business as a stylist behind the chair at her salon Green Roots Salon & Spa . When not working at one of her businesses, Monica is wife to her husband Jason, and mom to three children: Reidar, Trinity and Roar. Their “Wolfpack” as she calls it, loves to travel and try crazy new foods, and have a goal of seeing all 50 states before graduation. While home, Monica enjoys crocheting and crafting, as well as serving as a Sunday school teacher, and of course cheering on the Packers! Monica’s mantra in life is “The best is yet to come” and she pushes the boundaries of this saying by taking on each new challenge in life as a potential door to a new opportunity
kids in salon, girl holding cut off ponytail

Kids in the Salon – Some Do’s and Don’ts

As a 19-year salon industry professional, I have seen my fair share of children in the salon.  Some are the kids of my adult clients who are getting a service, while some of the...
my son is better than yours thumbs up

My Son is Better Than Yours

#mysonisbetterthanyours... My son is better than yours. I saw that hashtag on a friend's Facebook post recently.  Her post was simply a beautiful photo of her teenage son and herself, with the above hashtag, as...

Making ends meet (when they almost don’t)

Here are three “steps” that I use to make sure there is money left at the end of the month, rather than the other way around.  

Raising my kids in a #MeToo world.

If you had turned on any news channel, radio station, or social media outlet last month, you most likely caught at least a snippet of the controversy surrounding the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice...
Bringing Back the Village

Bringing Back the Village

What if, instead of being so quick to call out the parenting choices we don’t agree with (and we KNOW there are plenty!), we try to bring back the Village?  What if we say, “I don’t agree with your choice to leave your child in the car/let them walk by themselves/stay home alone while you’re at work, but I WILL do my best to help your child remain safe on my watch.”?  After all, aren’t we all really on the same team?  


But something else happens.  It happens to me. And it happens each time.  Regret.  Guilt.  Shame.  I feel horrible- and not just because of a sore throat.  These three little humans that I am desperately attempting to raise as productive, kind members of society, are now frantically scrambling to do the task.

Having “The Talk” with my kids: Did I steal some innocence?

Here’s how it started.  I was standing in line at McDonald’s with my kids and they were practicing their Happy Meal orders, because I make them each do their own ordering.  They were discussing...

How to Get Head lice – and keep it!

When it’s all said and done, the truth is that lice is part of parenting.  Along with cleaning up vomit, helping them go to the bathroom, and the endless snot that enters your life upon having children, lice is another gross part of the journey.