Nichelle Dacunha

Dull moments are a thing of the past for Nichelle who left her job in marketing in 2014 to become a stay-at-home mom to her now almost two-year-old son, Emery. She and husband, Derick, have since completed their family with the addition of baby Elodie in May 2016. Amidst the hustle and bustle of raising two children under two, Nichelle makes time to bring zen to others as a part-time yoga instructor.

I Ditched my Phone for Seven Days & Here’s What Happened:

In an attempt to become more present in my life and to bring consciousness to my daily cell phone use, I limited my use to only the times that my children were sleeping or out of house. For an entire week my phone remained out of sight during family time. The results of my experiment served as a much needed reality check.

Motherhood made me do it – An explanation to my best friend.

Your efforts, while more scarce, were thwarted by my excuses and busy schedule. Now, six months into being a mom to two, my hindsight has allowed me to realize that I unknowingly became my own worst enemy in the fight to maintain my friendships. I’ve grown to be the “flakey” friend and while you might not yet be able to relate or fully understand, I owe you an explanation.

Only the best for my babies: My mommy love affair with Hyland’s brand

I'm going to be very real with you all for a second: I am a preservative craving, junk food eating, non organic-using, toxin wearing kind of girl. And I do it all without an ounce of guilt... The way in which I willingly abuse my temple reeks of hypocrisy when it comes to making decisions for my children. Everything from cloth diapering and reusable wipes to organic home-made baby foods....you name it, if it's better for my kids, I've done it. They depend on me to do what I can to keep them safe and healthy. Even with my efforts, we have battled our fair share of sickness. And in keeping with the "only the best for my babies" theme, choosing which medicines to give them was an easy decision.
Traumatized New Motherhood

Traumatized: My experiences in new motherhood almost ruined my plans for more children

I went into the final days of my 42 week pregnancy armed with hopes and plans of what my experience as a new mom would be like. I arrived at the hospital on my induction date with a nervous smile and the naive expectations only first-time moms possess. The construction of my carefully laid out birth plan took hours of classes and research to complete and it likely wound up covered in coffee rings as a coaster at the nurses’ station.
round 2_ things I am doing differently with my second child

Round Two: Things I’m doing differently with my second child

When you are preparing to become a mother for the first time, it’s difficult to comprehend just how steep the learning curve in raising a human actually is. No amount of research can do...
unwelcome passenger

An Unwelcome Passenger – Mothering with Anxiety

Weaving through the produce section, shopping list in hand, I'm hastily looking over vegetables as I throw them into bags and carefully place them in the small spaces unoccupied by my daughter's car seat....