Nicki was born in Madison and raised just outside of the city on a dairy farm. She met her wonderful husband, Dan, while attending college at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. She obtained her Master's degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and worked for seven years in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Her claim to fame is that she could help heal hearts. Nicki and Dan became proud parents in September 2012 when their spunky daughter, Elsie, was born. Their sweet baby, Charlotte, was born in May 2016. Following Charlotte's arrival, Nicki and Dan moved to Green Bay so that Dan could take a job transfer and Nicki could become a full-time stay-at-home mom. In her free time, Nicki enjoys attempting pinterest projects (keyword: attempting), trying out new coffee shops, taking her labradoodle for walks, and exploring all Titletown has to offer.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

Well folks -- you guessed it!  Today, June 9th, is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day.  Don't tell me that you forgot!  I know, I know rhubarb is a take it or leave it kind...

GBAMB Guide to Consultant Run Businesses

Please join us in supporting these moms and business owners by visiting their sites, giving them a “like” on Facebook, and contacting them directly via the links provided. Use this opportunity to try out new products, buy a gift for a friend, or host a fun mom's night out party that features their merchandise!
Green Bay Summer Camp Guide

Green Bay Area Moms Blog Summer Camps Guide

With summertime just around the corner, we are thrilled to offer this Summer Camps Guide as a resource to help you in making your decision on how to keep your child engaged over the summer months.  Our featured businesses are hopeful that you will find their programs enriching and rewarding for your children.
heart and stethoscope, go red for heart health

GO RED… and 5 More Ways to Love Your Heart

Friday, Februrary 2nd is National Wear Red Day®. This day was meant to bring attention to the fact that heart disease is the #1 killer of women. This means that it is very likely that a woman you know will die of heart disease. By wearing red on National Wear Red day it shows that you support the efforts being made by the American Heart Association and other research institutes to curb the number of deaths that are caused by heart disease. So, along with wearing red, I urge you to consider one or two of these ways to love your heart this February.

2018 Green Bay Area Moms Blog Childcare and Preschool Guide

We are so excited to offer this Childcare and Preschool Guide as a resource to help you in making your decision. Choosing a preschool, nursery school or childcare program that fits your child’s and your family’s needs can be an overwhelming task.  As parents, we are clearly aware of the importance of our decision.  These featured businesses are eager to talk to families about how their program can benefit their children.

Green Bay Area Moms Blog Holiday Gift Guide 2017

We love our community and supporting local. We have so many amazing businesses that offer unique and thoughtful gifts this holiday season. Thank you to our partners who are featured in this guide.
Green Bay area moms bitthay party guide

2017-2018 Birthday Party Guide

The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time for kids.  Renewed friendships means there will be more kid gatherings, particularly BIRTHDAY PARTIES! With so many great options for birthday parties in Northeast Wisconsin we so often wonder, "Where do I start?".  So, Green Bay Area Moms Blog wants to take some of the stress away and provide you with some great options for birthday parties. A huge THANK YOU to our featured sponsors for supporting Green Bay Area Moms blog and helping make this guide possible. Good luck and happy planning!

Life Lessons to Lessen Hate

The news is booming this week and, unfortunately, it is filled with news of hate. It is a scary thought that there is still such hate in this world AND that there are individuals tolerating this extent of bigotry.  I can only wonder and worry - how do I keep my children sheltered and away from all the BAD?  My husband and I have talked a lot about that a lot this week.  Truth of the matter: we can’t shelter our kids.  We can’t let them walk through life with blinders.  So, what values can we instill in them to help fend off the bad?

6 PAINful Truths About C-Sections

When I was pregnant with my girls I was so confident that I was going to have natural, un-medicated births. I may have even zoned out a bit during the C-Section portion of my birth classes. But as fate would have it, here I am status post C-Section x 2. Perhaps if I hadn't been so confident I may have heard the discussion about the amount of pain that comes with a C-Section. My post is not meant to scare anyone. But I'm hoping that by sharing my experience with pain, those of you who go through a C-Section are a little better prepped for the pain than me.

Green Bay Area Moms Blog Summer Camps Guide 2017

Summer is going to be here before we know it.  And here in Northeast Wisconsin there are many unique opportunities to get our kids in summer camps.  From music to outdoor exploring, there are...