Nimra Sweetman

Hello friends, I am so honored and excited to be a part of such a wonderful uplifting group of women! My story begins a little over 10 years ago when I moved from the greater Milwaukee area to a little town called Green Bay for my undergrad at UW-GB! Little did I know, the sights and sounds, the food, the craziness of Titletown Sundays, and most importantly meeting my husband Billy (a professional midwesterner) would make me want to call this place my home. I cannot believe the amount of growth and character our beautiful town has achieved in the few years that I have lived here. We have become avid farmer market hoppers, cafe/brewery/winery enthusiasts, and self-proclaimed “foodies.” Billy and I love raising our girls, Tovah and Liesel, to appreciate the world around them and to enjoy where God has placed us in life. We love to celebrate the diversity and eclectic nature of Green Bay by supporting local businesses and being an ally to all who call Green Bay home. When I am not juggling two toddlers at home I love traveling locally and across the country with my family, updating our 70s Dutch colonial home, and serving in our community.
Wooden figure with baby cut out; grief on Mother's Day

Battling Grief On Mothers Day

I have probably sat down and tried writing this post ten times. Five years after our consecutive miscarriages the pain is still so real. The ultrasounds, the pregnancy tests, the questions, the unsolicited...
black history month

Black History Month Through Stories

Black History month is such a beautiful opportunity to start the conversation with our children about diversity and the journey of inclusion in our country! What better way to do this than finding an...
2020: In Memoriam

2020: In Memoriam

At the end of the year, I love writing my goals and ambitious plans for the new year. I fill my list with family events or vacations, date nights, personal goals I want to...
brown skin

Car Ride: A Love Letter To My Bi-Racial Daughters

My daughters always beg me to have their windows down when we drive. It does not matter the weather or what time it is- I get asked the same question. Occasionally it is the...