Stephanie was born and raised in the Green Bay area. After meeting her husband Tom at UWSP while earning a degree in elementary education, they returned to the area to start their family and careers. Stephanie has been blessed with two outgoing and entertaining children - Landon and Ava. Teaching third grade keeps her plenty busy during the school year but she couldn’t imagine doing anything else! When she’s not at school, Stephanie loves to read, cook (and pretend to be a Masterchef), spend time in Door Co with family and craft/DIY. Her favorite thing in the world is to take her kids to free adventures all around town (or find a great deal while shopping her with her mom!) Literacy is a true passion of Stephanie’s which inspired her to also start her own business with Usborne Books & More!
Family Game Night

Perfect Fix for Being Cooped Up in Winter – Family Game Night

It’s winter in Wisconsin which means many days, nights, weekends cooped up inside.  There will likely be some sick days and snow days too! One of the best ways to spend these cold winter...
people watching streaming disney +

Disney+ Really is Worth the Hype!

Disclaimer: This is just one mom’s personal view of this new service. I did not receive anything from Disney to talk about their product. We also love Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu for streaming...

Random Thoughts After Watching Tidying Up

Because of seeing all the memes coming up, jokes about it and the fact that Netflix kept putting it up when I signed in, I finally jumped on the bandwagon of watching Marie Kondo....

Raising Kids Who Are Opposite

  Boy vs Girl.  First Child vs Second Child.   Brown eyes vs Blue Eyes. Brown Hair vs Blonde Hair.   These are just some of the differences in my two children.  Same mom. Same dad. Same...

Four Gifts Each – A Christmas Tradition

"Something you WANT, Something you NEED, Something to WEAR, Something to READ".  

Hiding the Christmas Presents

Over the years, I've seen different ideas of where to hide the gifts.  Attics, trunks of cars (this doesn't work with a van or SUV), cleaning or kitchen closets and more. But through our own ideas and ideas from family and friends, I've come up with my TOP THREE places to hide the gifts!  And hopefully these ideas last for years for you! (I did know where my parents hid their gifts once I was about eight, sorry Mom!) 

Shopping at Aldi for a Newbie

There are two new Aldi stores opening in the Green Bay area soon - Ashwaubenon and De Pere, so I wanted to take some time to explain some tips and tricks for shopping there....

What Did You Learn At School Today?

Parent - “How was your school day?” Child - “Good.” Parent – “What did you learn today?” Child – “Nothing.” Does this sound familiar? It is something I know happens in many households! After a full day at...

The Struggle With Contentment

In the social media era we live in, where everything gets shared and we constantly know what the Joneses are doing, people feel the pressure to keep up.
Are we roommates

Are We Roommates?

It’s when I only see my husband to sleep. It’s when our conversations are short, to the point, and revolve around the logistics of carting our kids around or what we need from the grocery store.