Being gracious, generous Midwesterners, our Packer Backer friends tend to bring enough food to feed half of Lambeau. And so, when Victory Monday rolls around, my fridge is stacked like the Packers offensive line. What to do with all that extra food?
In honor of this being National Family Dinner month, we sat down with our calendar a few weeks ago, and they helped me sketch out a weeknight meal plan for September. Getting their input ahead of time = no disgusted faces at mealtime.

Invest Time in Food

The reality is, our focus on fast is one of the reasons our society is having an obesity problem at the same time that malnourishment is going back up. Teaching your kids about food and investing time in food promotes a healthy lifestyle and mentality from the beginning! Plus, planting, picking, and making food is a fun thing to do as a whole family! I hope you find a way to give it a try this summer!
I love my garden. With several young kids helping me haphazardly plant seeds, I only succeed in growing a few things (one of which is weeds). But I’m fortunate enough to harvest a few goodies from it each summer. Fresh produce and herbs are my favorite! If you don’t have a garden – no problem. I encourage you to drop by any of our amazing nearby farmers markets and take advantage of in-season produce by making these favorite late June recipes.
Well folks -- you guessed it!  Today, June 9th, is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day.  Don't tell me that you forgot!  I know, I know rhubarb is a take it or leave it kind of food (vegetable to be...
Spring always feels like a great time to declutter and get organized. It also often feels like a great time to be outside enjoying the nicer weather instead of actually decluttering… Spring cleaning is definitely not my favorite thing...
So then how in the world, when I’m racing around town trying to get Daughter A and Daughter B from Point A to Point B on time, are we going to find time to eat a frickin’ meal? Are we doomed to a solid month of Happy Meals and drive-thru dinners?
Please join us in supporting these moms and business owners by visiting their sites, giving them a “like” on Facebook, and contacting them directly via the links provided. Use this opportunity to try out new products, buy a gift for a friend, or host a fun mom's night out party that features their merchandise!
I consider myself a bonafide foodie. I love to try new recipes and new foods. I consider watching Top Chef or Masterchef the perfect night of TV. I LOVE to cook from scratch.  New gadgets? No problem… until the Instant Pot came along!
Helen Mirren on Aging

37 Candles

I never wanted to be a woman who was bothered by aging, but I am. I have been wanting to write about my issues with aging even before that day in November. I didn't because I didn't have a moral of the story yet.

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