Bedrest can seem EXTREMELY daunting. Every November 22nd, I remember the day that bedrest began for me… During my twin pregnancy, I knew that carrying two babies increased my chances of going on bedrest. While it was always in the...
Some women LOVE being pregnant.  I am not one of those.  I actually enjoyed delivering my babies (literally pushing them out of me) more than carrying them.  I’ve been fortunate enough to experience both twin and singleton pregnancies.  I...
Top 5 Maternity Must-Haves

Top 5 Maternity Must-Haves

With two pregnancies under my belt I found a couple of must-have, staple items that really helped keep me comfortable as my belly grew through each pregnancy. Comfort is SO SO key when pregnant, I felt like I would do anything and purchase whatever necessary to keep comfortable. Let's face it, it gets tough carrying a child, especially the last few months -- I hope these 5 items help you through!
I went into the final days of my 42 week pregnancy armed with hopes and plans of what my experience as a new mom would be like. I arrived at the hospital on my induction date with a nervous smile and the naive expectations only first-time moms possess. The construction of my carefully laid out birth plan took hours of classes and research to complete and it likely wound up covered in coffee rings as a coaster at the nurses’ station.
Pregnant with our second child I have come to the realization that pregnant moms get so much free stuff without even asking for it, it’s insane! Things start coming in the mail, you get free baby items in the bottom of your shopping bag, its like everyone knows you are pregnant before it has even really sunk in with you yet. Baby commercials will start popping out at you and your Facebook ads draw you into buying Christmas pajamas for your whole family...true story, we are set with matching Christmas pajamas this year. Yikes.
Life is hard. Parenting is hard. There have been so many moments since becoming a mom where other people’s words and actions really impacted me. Unfortunately most of those were in negative ways. I know many of the comments...
Our family became complete 6 weeks ago.  Baby #4 signifies the end of a chapter: I am done having kids.  It's bittersweet knowing I will never experience the glory and misery of pregnancy again.  The finality of it all is setting in.  There...
The below post was submitted by guest contributor, Ashlee Rahmlow.  Thank you, Ashlee, for writing about your experience with Postpartum Anxiety, and, for offering support for so many others.  Please read more about Ashlee at the bottom of this...

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