I know MANY parents are counting down the days until school starts in complete joy and jubilation! They are ready to be down with the summer sibling squabbles, the endless “Can I have a snack?” and “I’m bored”, and...
Yes, I know supply lists can be long and can get expensive. There also are often items that are very specific and difficult to find. BUT, the teacher has placed those items on the list for a reason - for your child to use while learning. If you decide to make negative comments about the supplies, how much money it’s costing, etc., your child may hear that their supplies are not important. Depending on what you say, it may just be subtle, but it’s not sending a positive message regarding school before school has even begun.
Plenty of websites offer how to find the best deals, so I’m not talking about that today.  What I want to talk about is what to DO with all those school supplies.  There are such great deals available, if you can, buy extra.
Packing a school lunch for the first time. Should be easy right? Thoughts rush into my head of other people actually seeing what I feed my child at home — some days are great, I am supermom — I...
I can only begin to imagine how I’ll feel when my girls are old enough to start school. For now, I am flooded with the thoughts of parents around me. After pouring so much of yourself into your child...
Everyday from August to June, I see it drive by. Envy stirs within me and the longing for peace and quiet hit. Dreams of what life would be like if my kids weren't with me all day long pass...
There's a funny saying that goes around each year.  June is like Friday, July is our Saturday and August is a long Sunday night!  This is definitely true. The business of August is something that shows that school is...

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