After a full summer at home with my kids, I can tell you – we appreciate you, teachers, for all you do for our students! This grateful mother promises to be appreciative all year.
School drop-off/bus pick-up was a success...or maybe it wasn't. Head on down to Kavarna Coffeehouse on Tuesday, September 4th and commiserate with other local parents. Kavarna is offering a FREE small cup of coffee for those who attend our Back-to-School Coffee Date. The morning will probably be chaotic, so why not end it with a delicious HOT cup of coffee and some great company.
Hello Parents!  As we all prepare to get the kids back to school, Mathnasium wants to shine the spotlight on Algebra Readiness. There's been much media speculation as to whether or not it should be required in school, and...
Whether you were given the choice to have your child do virtual learning this fall, or it was a decision made for you by your particular school district, many of us moms find ourselves wondering how we will make...

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Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day | Brunch, Gifts, Events

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