Have You Heard of the “Summer Slide”? Summer is the time for kids to relax and enjoy the beautiful Wisconsin weather, but it is also when your child’s math knowledge is in danger of slipping away. Studies have shown students...
Welcome to the Green Bay Area Moms Blog Summer Camps Guide! With summertime just around the corner, we are thrilled to offer this Summer Camps Guide as a resource to help you in making your decision on how to keep...
We are so excited to offer this Preschool and Childcare Guide as a resource to help you in making your decision. Choosing a preschool, nursery school or childcare program that fits your child’s and your family’s needs can be an overwhelming task.  As parents, we are clearly aware of the importance of our decision.  These featured businesses are eager to talk to families about how their program can benefit their children. 
Parent - “How was your school day?” Child - “Good.” Parent – “What did you learn today?” Child – “Nothing.” Does this sound familiar? It is something I know happens in many households! After a full day at school, kids are tired and...
Bullying is a problem. It's a simple sentence. But there is not a simple solution. Almost one third of all kids will report being bullied. With the new avenue of social media, cyberbullying is a new and particularly burdensome...
School drop-off/bus pick-up was a success...or maybe it wasn't. Head on down to Kavarna Coffeehouse on Tuesday, September 4th and commiserate with other local parents. Kavarna is offering a FREE small cup of coffee for those who attend our Back-to-School Coffee Date. The morning will probably be chaotic, so why not end it with a delicious HOT cup of coffee and some great company.
After a full summer at home with my kids, I can tell you – we appreciate you, teachers, for all you do for our students! This grateful mother promises to be appreciative all year.
But there is one skill that I’m guessing most are not practicing. It’s a skill that even parents who are diligent with keeping their students on track over the summer probably aren’t doing with their kids.
You could spend a day there! We thought we'd buzz around for an hour and we barely skimmed the surface!  We did a few photo ops, watched the ESPN guys for a bit and tried out a few football activities they had set up. We didn't even set foot in the atrium of the north end of the stadium where tons more was set up!  We easily could have spent 5 hours there. So pack some waters and some snacks and make an afternoon of it! 
As a mom of four life is hectic. And, by the time May rolls around life enters a whole new level of chaos. Between soccer, baseball, swimming and other activities Monday-Thursday evenings are maxed out. Many of those nights work bags are exchanged for sports bags and we head out the door within five minutes of entering. 

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