Restaurant Busy Kits

Eating at a restaurant with a child (or multiple children!) can be a challenge. Time ticks about 10x slower when you’re awaiting the food for a hungry child. I put together these Restaurant Busy Kits and keep them right in my car. They’ve been a real sanity saver and have made dinners out actually enjoyable again!
$81,000. That's the projected average cost of 4 years of tuition and fees for a UW institution in 2034. WOWZA. And, you now how we say, "time goes by so fast." Or, "Before you know it, they are all grown up." It's true. And, even more reason to start saving for college TODAY!
What is the first thing you need to Chair a school event? Your hands,of course. Just raise them and say, “I can do it”.  Stepping up to the plate isn’t always easy when it comes to volunteering your time for anything. Most moms are busier than ever now a day and are professional jugglers. The fear of dropping the ball or taking a misstep at any time can be worrisome to most moms. Have no fear, you can do it.

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