“THE SUIT” that has taken over my Momma friend world this summer!


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Do you have a swimming suit that you LOVE and feel great in for the summer?!

Many women answer “No” to this question.  Well, let me share a little something… I bought “THE SUIT” and I am obsessed.  So much that I immediately ordered a second one!

Let me explain.  I’m part of a Mom’s Facebook group for my profession.  These ladies are total rock stars.  Most of them I haven’t met in real life, but I feel like they’re my crew, so I value their opinions and advice.

So this Mom’s group… I’m not sure who started the trend, but day after day, there are posts about this one particular swimming suit.  It can be found on Amazon (affiliate link), and these ladies look FABULOUS.  Women of all ages, shapes and sizes, new mommas, mommas to older children, and even pregnant mommas are absolutely rocking this swimming suit!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had great luck shopping for swimsuits… let alone for a one-piece!  I’ve been in the market for a one-piece for awhile, largely since I feel it’s more “secure” when swimming with a squirmy toddler… but also – they are super cute!  As a lady with a long torso though… I’d try on suit after suit, and give up.  Usually, the suits ride up in the back and are too uncomfortable, or the “coverage” is lacking so I have to throw on a pair of shorts to feel OK going out in public.

The fact that SO MANY women are having luck with this swimming suit… I couldn’t help myself and I went for it.  After all… for a swimming suit, the price is pretty reasonable (depends on color/pattern, but lately it’s been around $28… though I’ve seen sales too!)

When I got my swimming suit in the mail… I was hopeful, but not holding my breath.  Not only are one-pieces hard to get a good fit on…. but OH YEAH, I was 22 weeks pregnant when I ordered it!  This is NOT a maternity cut suit!

Anyways, I shimmied into the suit… and IT. FELT. GREAT.  Coverage was there.  High neck but stylish mesh area, so my toddler can’t pull my suit down.  It fit over my growing baby bump too!  I love it so much, I ordered the next size up since there is still a lot of summer and swimming to be done yet this year, and I want to be able to fit in it further into my pregnancy.


The suit

(My fellow momma friend at 19 weeks pregnant on the left, & me 23 weeks along on the right)

Obviously, this suit won’t work for everyone (& if it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry – I’m sure there is a perfect suit out there for you too) but it has been awesome seeing so many women falling in love & feeling fabulous in it.

Here are a few more of my beautiful momma friends that were OK with me sharing their pictures!  They are ready to take on the summer – rocking “THE SUIT!” 


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