A Love Story: Costco and the Chaotic Mom

Disclaimer :: Costco sponsored the below post, but this chaotic mom's commentary and opinions are 100% genuine.

I will let you in on a little secret.  I am the chaotic mom in this story.  Between work, school, baseball, golf lessons, swimming lessons and a traveling husband, life is chaotic.  As strange as it may sound, Costco understands my chaos and helps make life easier.  So I am recapping for you the top reasons why I love shopping at Costco.

8 Reasons I Love Costco


  1.  Prepared Food  Dinner time is challenging.  I am not sure where the hours in the day go, but it’s often a struggle to find time to get something on the table.  I am not saying I never cook or we don’t resort to take-out, but there is something about being able to throw something in the oven and supplement it with a side dish that makes me feel like I am still “cooking.”  A personal favorite is the rotissiere chicken for $4.99…yes, that’s right, $4.99.  Did I mention that I can get two meals out of this?  $4.99!Costco Prepared Food
  2. Snacks Aren’t we always responsible for snacks?  Whether they are for school or sports or some other activity, I feel like it’s always my turn to bring.  I love the large boxes of granola bars, fruit snacks, chips, crackers, etc.  I have even contemplated leaving one in my vehicle because it’s just a matter of time before I drop the ball and forget it’s my turn for treat duty.                                costco snacks
  3. Organic  My husband and I are late adopters.  We talk about how we want to eat more organic, but have been slow to take action.  When you walk into Costco you instantly see the company’s commitment to providing customers with organic options.  You don’t need to search for organic only aisles.  The product is displayed with its non-organic counterpart.  Costco takes the over-thinking out of it.  We certainly do not buy all organic, but we are making progress.  And, honestly, it’s thanks to my trips to Costco.costco organic
  4. Gas So even though it feels like I just filled up, the driving to baseball, golf, swimming, etc. has me nearly on ‘E.’  Every Costco trip ends with filling up the gas tank at membership prices.costco gas
  5. Wine & Alcohol  No need to elaborate on this one.  But seriously, Costco offers competitive prices on adult beverages.  With the holidays right around the corner and entertaining about to kick into full gear, Costco is your libations destination!
  6. Kirkland Signature Diapers & Wipes The diapers are soft and do a great job preventing leaks.  The wipes are thick and moist and can handle even the worst explosions.  And, they are much easier on the pocket book compared to other brands.
  7. Samples They offer me an opportunity to try something before purchasing.  I usually have a good idea if my family will like it after I try it.  And, more importantly, samples keep my kids happy while shopping!  It’s a win-win.
  8. Everything Under the Sun My last trip I purchased wine, tortilla chips, kids pajamas, a quality men’s dress shirt, apple sauce, toilet paper and paper towel.  Theoretically, you can stock your pantry, add to your wardrobe, cross some presents off your list, get a bottle of wine, purchase new tires, fill up the gas tank and book your next vacation all in one trip!  Honestly, where else does this happen?
 Costco Services


Alas, the above are just a few of the reasons why I LOVE Costco.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Come join us for #CostcoMomHour and check it out for yourself!


Costco Mom Hour

Who:  Green Bay & Fox Cities Moms (and their kids and friends!); Members & Non-Members (*however, you must be a member to purchase.  This is a perfect opportunity for non-members to visit and see everything Costco has to offer!)

When: Friday, November 4th | 9-10 a.m.

Where:  Costco Bellevue & Costco Grand Chute

Why:  Who doesn’t want to shop before the crowds?  Did we mention the first 100 will receive a swag bag full of goodies? 

Offer: Non-members who sign up for the Gold Star membership will receive a $20 cash card and over $40 in coupons!  Upgrade to an Executive membership and you will receive another $20 cash card!  Current members who refer a friend will receive a $10 gift card for each friend they refer (current member must be with friend to receive gift card during the November 4th event). 

Bonuses: Light refreshments will be served.  Also, 2 lucky attendees at each location will leave with a $100 gift card!  And, another will leave with a year supply of Tide pods!

Cost: FREE!

RSVP: Can’t make it November 4th?  No problem!  This exclusive membership offer still applies.  Whether or not you are attending, register below for the NON ATTENDEE MEMBERSHIP OFFER and redeem between now and November 4th at any warehouse! Be sure to join the FB Event Page to stay in the know!



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