Only the best for my babies: My mommy love affair with Hyland’s brand

We partnered with Hyland's to bring you this post, but the commentary is 100% genuine.

Hyland'sI’m going to be very real with you all for a second: I am a preservative craving, junk food eating, non-organic using, toxin wearing kind of girl. And I do it all without an ounce of guilt…

The way in which I willingly abuse my temple reeks of hypocrisy when it comes to making decisions for my children. Everything from cloth diapering and reusable wipes to organic homemade baby foods….you name it, if it’s better for my kids, I’ve done it. They depend on me to do what I can to keep them safe and healthy. Even with my efforts, we have battled our fair share of sickness. And in keeping with the “only the best for my babies” theme, choosing which medicines to give them is an easy decision. 

Hyland's 4 KidsAs a mom, it is important to me to do my due diligence when it comes to everything involving my kids. I have spent countless hours researching safety ratings and concerns of everything from nursery room paint and sleep practices to nuks and car seats. While there are many times that we have chosen the modern, state-of-the-art options over what was used when we were growing up, I tend to adopt the hundred-year-guarantee approach when it comes to what I put IN my kids’ little bodies. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but if a food or drink (or medicine) wasn’t around a hundred years ago, I try to steer clear of that item.  That’s why I have been using Hyland’s since my children were babies.  Hyland’s brand has been serving all ages and ailments for over a century and they do it without all of the chemicals and additives of their leading competitors.

The homeopathic remedies that have been around for generations continue to be improved upon and amended to suit our current needs. That familiar blue and white label will be present on a newHyland's 4 Kids Cold 'n Cough product available only at Costco. The Hyland’s 4 Kids line will now boast a Cold’n Cough Day and Night Combo Pack with a Natural Grape Flavor. So whether you stock up for emergencies or find yourself making a late-night run, Costco is your go-to for what’s new and improved from Hyland’s brand.  Costco Mom Hour on Friday, November 4th (Bellevue and Grand Chute locations) is the perfect opportunity to ensure you are ready when cold and flu invade your home.

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Disclaimer: Consult Medical Professional before use. Always read and follow label directions. *The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.