I need my motivation back; being a mom is hard.


I need my motivation back. Being a mom is hard. Yes, we all know this, but yet it still seems to sneak up on us that our entire schedule will change. Sometimes, we need to get a little creative on how we will fit those things like exercise back into our routines so that we can be at our best for the littles we are in charge of now. I’m still trying and my youngest is 8. Wouldn’t it be cool if there, was a way to exercise with others, have the babies/children with you, and still have adult conversations?

The first time I had ever heard of Fit MOM (Fit Moms On the Move) was when a speaker, named Britney, came to my place of employment and spoke about this idea that she and her sister, Andrea, had in 2014. It was a fitness program offered for moms to get out and meet each other, exercise, and communicate to their children that working out and being fit is important. I was super excited about it, however, it never worked into my schedule. I wasn’t able to attend any of the classes. However, my sister-in-law (SIL) has a different schedule than I and was able to attend several and she absolutely loved this group of women.

Fast forward to 2021 skipping over that year that shall not be named. I was visiting my in-laws and my SIL and I were talking about exercising and how I need my motivation back. I asked her if she was still going to Fit MOM. She said yes, and they have some new stuff coming. I was very excited to learn more about this because part of it was an online presence…wait, what?! That is awesome! I couldn’t wait to reconnect with Britney and Fit MOM and have some extra time hanging out with my SIL.

I was able to get in touch with her and learned about how 2020 had forced them to move to an online presence, which was in their long-term goals anyway, but it sped up their path. I already knew that both of the owners were certified personal trainers but now they had added to their knowledge base and both sisters were also Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES) in the Fox Valley Area. This means that they can work with moms to correct some of the more embarrassing things that can happen when we run, jump or let’s face it, even sneeze. I cannot wait to learn more about this.

I also just found out that they will be working with Titletown and putting on a six-week session beginning sometime this summer. Head on over to the website for all the details. I’ll be right there with you!

There is no doubt, I need my motivation back. Yes, it will be hard, but, I’m worth it and so are my children.

Note: (No, this is not a sponsored post.  This is just a mom sharing how she is getting her motivation and fitness back.)  Please share your favorite ways to work out and be your best below!  

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Sacia is mom to two amazing children, one girl and one boy. She is married to her best friend, Ted. They have been married for 16 years this year, but have known each other for a few more. After living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for 18 years, Sacia and her family moved to the Fox Cities area. Both she and her husband are from WI, but both attended the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities. It was the best decision they have ever made. Sacia's family considers themselves to be a little nerdy. They all love anything Marvel or Harry Potter and of course, who can forget Pokémon and Disney. Even though they have only lived here a short time, they absolutely love the area and are so excited that the Packers are just a hop, skip and a jump from their house. Even though Sacia may have lived in Minnesota for 18 years, she claims her blood has always been Green and Gold!