Self-Care is Still Important in a Crisis


Wake.  Coffee.  Kids.  Work.  Enforce learning/meetings/etc.  Work.  Lunch.  Work.  Break up kids arguing.  Work.  Dinner.  Check on school work.  Family time.  Kids bedtime.  Work.  Shower.  Bed.  Repeat.  Sound vaguely familiar? I kept hearing the phrase “self-care” and I would chuckle to myself.  Who has time for self-care in a crisis?  Sure, maybe when things get back to “normal,” whatever that is – maybe a pedicure or coffee date with a friend.

Then I was mindlessly scrolling on Instagram and had an epiphany.  I could do it – it didn’t need to be a big thing… as long as it was a few minutes to myself and it made me happy.  So, I have been making an effort to do some self-care a few times a day.  In the morning, I make my coffee, in silence, while the kids are still asleep.  I like the feeling of selecting the coffee, smelling it when it brews, pumping the syrup, and taking that first sip.  During the day, I take a few minutes to play a game online.  In the evening, I have a snack and watch mindless TV or take a long shower.  

Self-Care in a crisis can be…

-a workout

-a book

-a conversation with a loved one

-a bath or shower





-listening to a podcast or audiobook

-playing or listening to music

-watching a movie or show

-a nap

-a beverage


-snuggling a pet

… the list is endless and it doesn’t even need to cost money.

Whatever makes you happy – please, set aside a few minutes to do it.  Yes, things are wild and crazy and completely weird right now, and there’s so much that we cannot control, but taking a few minutes for yourself isn’t wasteful or silly or indulgent – it’s crucial.

(The day I wrote this article, self-care looked like a bit of quick makeup to lessen my “mombie” look, a snuggly hoodie, and an afternoon latte at my desk in a favorite cup.)

self-care in a crisis

Just remember… you can’t pour from an empty cup, fellow mamas.  Please take some time to fill your cup.  ??


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