Stroller Running: Bring Your Kids On Your Next Run!


It is finally starting to warm up here in Wisconsin. Rising temperatures can bring tears of joy to any runner’s face. Goodbye snow, hello sunshine! Running through the winter months is a beast all on its own, so once it finally starts to warm up, it can be fun to involve others with your run – i.e. your children! Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of adding stroller running into your workout routine. 

I have run with both of my children from when they were babies on, and it has been such a positive experience. My 4-year-old is getting a bit big for the jogging stroller, but I still run with my 18-month-old son on occasion, and we have a great time together! He enjoys the exercise just as much as I do (and so will your children). 

Stroller running can sound somewhat intimidating because it definitely is an added element of difficulty to your daily run, but it has its pros to consider. If you’re on the fence about doing it, check out the benefits below:

  • Stroller running burns more calories because it requires more effort. If you’re going to be out there running anyways, you might as well burn some extra calories while you’re at it.  
  • When you train with a stroller, your runs without the stroller become that much easier. You’re used to pushing extra weight when you are stroller running, so when you run without it, the weight is gone, and the run feels can feel like a breeze. A big high-five there! 
  • You can get your workout done at any given time – no need to have someone to watch your child/children while you’re out.
  • You and your children both get to enjoy the sun and fresh air together. You can even play fun games together while you’re out, such as “I Spy” or nature bingo. It is a great opportunity for your children to get some fresh air and sunshine while you get your workout on.
  • Many times, while your child is young, he or she may crash from the fresh air and the motion of the stroller, so your child can catch up on some important zzz’s and you can get your workout completed. If you’re having a crazy day with your kids (we all have these days!), pop them in the jogging stroller for a much-needed nap or fun form of entertainment. 
  • The stroller provides extra storage on your run for your water bottle, cell phone, etc. Be sure to pack some things for your children as well, such as drinks, snacks, and a small toy or two. 
  • You are showing your children a positive perspective on staying healthy so that they can follow your lead with healthy habits and lifestyles throughout their lives. My daughter has been running with me since she was little, and she now loves getting out there and actually running with me. I attribute that to her seeing the benefits first hand while in the stroller with me.  

Running with your children may not sound like your cup of tea or something you haven’t even thought about at all, but it is definitely something that you should try at least a couple of times to see how it can benefit you and your children. Consider this your push to give it a try in order to see for yourself the benefits of stroller running. Now, get out there and enjoy that sunshine in a new way!

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Megan is currently a SAHM to her two children (Harper & Kade), 1 golden retriever, and 1 orange tabby cat. She was raised in and is currently raising her own children in De Pere. She attended UW-Platteville for her bachelor's degree and Lakeland University for her master's degree in Business Administration. While attending UWP, she met her wonderful husband, Michael. Before becoming a full-time SAHM last year, she worked as a Senior Project Coordinator for a local manufacturing company. On any given day, you'll find her running around the city or in local races, passionately cheering on her beloved Brewers, trying a new brew at a local brewery, or at the lake relaxing and working on their recently purchased cottage. The Green Bay area has so much to offer for all walks of life. Whether you're a family, a couple on a date, or a group of college students looking for something to do, you can always find something to keep you entertained, even during the frigid winter months.