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It’s summer!  Time to relax! Unwind! Make memories! And tackle a crazy challenge or two? Why not! I am a total type-A person so a to-do list makes me all giddy inside. I have a constant to-do list during my working months of the school year so many of you may think I’m crazy to want one in the summer.  Well, there’s a reason. Besides the (amazing) gratification of crossing off the box that something is accomplished, I also am a firm believer in always setting goals for yourself. Goals don’t have to be painful or boring, but they can be fun too. And they might push you to be a better person, mom, friend, and more along the way. 

So I challenge you this summer to set some goals.  And to make it more fun, I’m framing them into something I’m calling the 1000 – 100 – 10 challenge!  You heard that right, I am challenging you to do 1000, 100, and 10 of 3 different things over the course of this summer. I promise you won’t be sorry!  I came up with multiple challenges so pick the one that fits you the best. 


The 1000-100-10 Photograph Challenge

Do you stink at taking photos on a consistent basis? I do. And I have no excuse with a nice camera and a high-quality camera on my phone.   I just don’t always take the time. And if I do take photos, they are almost 100% of my kids alone or with my husband. I’m never in the pictures. I’ll use excuses like I don’t like the shape I’m in or current weight or outfit, I didn’t blow dry my hair that day, or I’d rather just take the photo. Those are all lines are being thrown out this summer.  Here’s what the challenge entails!

1000 Photos this summer   – You read that right. 1,000 photos between now and Labor Day

100 Days in a Row with taking a photo every day –  My friend once used this cool app that put in a picture she took every day for a full year. It was an awesome video keepsake.  A whole year is intimidating so I’m going with just this summer instead!

10 Photos that MOM is in!   – You read that right – just 10!  Of course I hope you are in many more than that.

The 1000-100-10 Healthy Eating Contest

Simple enough – eating healthy is great for all members of your family. It establishes healthy patterns in your kids and also can help with your health needs. So this summer….

1000 Servings of Fruits and Veggies by Labor Day – Yep! 1,000 servings!  You can find AMAZING summer produce all around town or even grow your own. A beautiful summer salad could be 5-6 servings of veggies in one plate.  Strawberry picking, watermelon eating, the list goes on and od!

100 ounces of Water every day – Water, it does a body good! I could write a whole article on the benefits of water to your body. Don’t believe me? Google it.  Plus, we need to hydrate more in the summer when playing in the heat! 

10 New (Healthy) Recipes this summer!  Try 10 new ones!  Bust out the grill more.  Try some new veggies at the farmer’s market! They just might make it into your normal meal plan.

The 1000-100-10 Reading Challenge

And of course, I can’t let a summer challenge article go by without talking about the importance of summer reading.  Even 10 minutes a day is valuable to have your child reading or be read to.  So for this challenge, you can set some goals as a family.

1000 Minutes per child  – That’s the minimum goal to have read or be read to by Labor Day. That’s about 12 minutes a day.  Take a book into your swingset clubhouse.  Read under a tree.  Set up a tent in the backyard and read under the stars! 

100 Books as a family!    You can decide what books count for this.  If you are reading chapter books as a family – count them! If your child is reading independently- count those too!  Any picture books – absolutely! 

10 Books for yourself – This is the hardest thing on any of the lists. Can you carve out time for yourself to read?  I know some of you reading this may actually hate reading for pleasure.  That’s cool. Just find a different hobby then and do it 10 times (at least) this summer.   


So which challenge spoke to you?  Are you up for all three like we are at my house?  Good luck and make sure to update in the comments if you found any tips, successes or completions! 

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