This time of year stinks.


This time of year stinksI was talking with a colleague of mine the other day and she, verbatim, provided the title of this post. We were sharing what was ailing us in recent weeks and she said, “This time of year stinks.” I thought to myself – I am glad it is not just me that thinks so! I really, really struggle.

Note to readers: do not expect this post to be too positive.

It is long. It drags. Oh, does it ever drag! It is cold. It plays games with us with its occasional fifty degree days then right back to a harsh thirty degrees that feels like zero with that wonderful wind chill…and perhaps I have a touch of that Seasonal Affective Disorder, who knows. I can, however, say with full confidence that I have a case of the end-of-winter blues. I enjoy winter pretty much only for the month of December, then it gets old fast. And don’t forget the perpetual illness that makes its way through our schools and our houses, too. (I type this as I tough through strep throat, cringing as I sip through a hot cup of Darjeeling tea that I would normally enjoy.) I have two in daycare and I work in a school, so naturally so, we share all those fun microbes that make their way through our compromised immune systems. We sleep yet somehow we are always exhausted. We take our vitamins, try to eat as best as possible, drink our orange juice, yet we still get sick!

And through all this turmoil we somehow survive, right? We pull through. Perhaps that is because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately for us, we do not tough through this weather and illness all year long. It usually ends during that shift to spring and summer. And that is what I look forward to oh so much: to be able to go outside, enjoy life a bit more than I am currently, hopefully more rested and illness-free. Also, I look forward to being able to tell a happy toddler that, “oui, we can go outside indeed!”

February, simultaneously the shortest yet longest (feeling) month of the year, is over. March is here. That means spring is around the corner, Easter, weather warming up to greet us with a bright, smiling summer! If it were not for that to look forward to, I do not know how I could do it.

Now that I got all that off my chest (phew!), here is a list of the specifics I cannot wait for:

  • having more time with my boys
  • having time in general to cook, clean, make actual plans
  • visiting family
  • taking walks outside
  • getting back into working out
  • enjoying sunshine and warmth
  • attending farmers markets (I myself prefer the Saturday to the Wednesday, more on that in perhaps a later blog)
  • did I mention time with my boys?

One final word: Thank goodness I never followed up on my application to work in Fairbanks, Alaska!