Drive-Through Halloween


Drive Through Halloween

My family decided to look for alternative ways to celebrate Halloween this year (you know, covid and all). A friend of mine sent me the link a couple of weeks ago to sign up for the Green Bay Packers Spooktacular Drive Thru 2020, and after attending today, it did not disappoint. A drive-through Halloween?! What a great alternative idea!

We loaded up my car (three adults and two kids) had minimal costumes in tow and drove through the parking lot at Lambeau.

The well organized drive-through event was hosted in the parking lot at Lambeau Field. I feel as though it was appropriate for all ages; it wasn’t too scary for my seven-year-old, and the entertaining monsters on stilts, balloon creations, and the craft takeaways were great for my nine-year-old.

Even though it was rainy and extremely windy during the event, the workers greeted our vehicle with a smile under their mask and wished us happy Halloween with an assortment of coloring pages, candy, and even our own little pumpkins to decorate later.

We are thankful for alternative ideas to celebrate Halloween. What we’ve learned during this drive-through event is what we’ve known all along; celebrating holidays isn’t about what you get, it’s about who you spend your time with.