Easy, Candy-Free Valentines!


February 14th.  To some, it brings flowers.  To others, candy and a beautiful card.  To me, it brings 23 rambunctious, sugar-filled darlings that I’m trying to still teach math to!  In my 10+ years as an elementary teacher, I learned quickly to just embrace and roll with the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day!  They are only kids once and it’s harder on everyone if you don’t!  So we have a card box building contest that involves area, measurement and creativity!  We play some Minute to Win It games and celebrate friendship and kindness all month long.  And of course, the highlight of everyone’s day at school is the passing out of their valentines!  

This year though, things are a bit different in my classroom.  We are a nut-aware room this year which definitely changes the sweets and treats that can be brought in.  I’m sure there were still be a plethora of Starburst, Skittles, and other sugary treats that do work, but I thought it would be a great time to showcase some valentines that are nut, and well, candy-free!   

I know there are a ton of lists out there of candy-free Valentines. I was very intentional with my list – I purposely tried to pick ones that were easy to make, had a free printable attached and didn’t require 4 trips to the craft store and special tools or supplies.  Because honestly, who has time for that. And if you do, you probably have your own amazing creations that aren’t on this list!   So without further ado…. 


Hope that helps!   And if you do make these, or something similar, I’d love for you to post it and show us!