MORE Non-Toy Gift Ideas – Giving Practical Gifts and Experiences Instead


MORE Non-Toy Gift Ideas – Giving Practical Gifts and Experiences InsteadMost stores are already letting us know the holidays are approaching as we walk in their doors. It really is one of the most wonderful times of the year, but let’s face it – as parents, we don’t want that to include our children and homes being inundated with toys, toys, and more toys! A few, okay, but the focus of the holidays should be about so much more! Although since gift giving is a tradition for many, here are a few MORE non-toy gift ideas, with a focus on practical gifts and experiences instead.

Non-Toy Gift Ideas:


Movie tickets (or gift card)

Placemats – My kids love having a designated “spot” at the table with their placemats. They can be just for fun or educational (alphabet picture, map, periodic table, etc). My girls currently use this one.

Netflix subscription

Backpack or Luggage


Baking Kit – recipe/cookbook, ingredients, & maybe even an apron! Feel free to offer to bake with the child too!

Overnight stay at Tundra Lodge, Blue Harbor, etc. Could be used as a family gift.

Bean Bag Chair

Special Treat Gift Card – ex: $5 Culver’s gift card for an after dinner dessert OR $10 Starbucks gift card for a coffee/hot chocolate/steamed milk date. This is the perfect combo of a treat and the gift of time spent together.

Shoes – The child will be happy and so will the parents!

MORE Non-Toy Gift Ideas – Giving Practical Gifts and Experiences InsteadiTunes Gift Card

Subscription to National Geographic for Kids (or Highlights, Ranger Rick, etc)

Rain Boots, Rain Coat, and/or Umbrella – Most kids are generally set for winter gear by this point, but come spring they’ll be ready for the changing weather with these gifts.

Barnes & Noble Gift Card – Sometimes it’s hard to pick books for kids, but this way they can choose their own! OR you can give books you loved reading as a child or to your own child.

Crafts – Construction Paper, Stickers, Pom Poms, Wiggly Eyes, Play-Doh, Glue Sticks, Pipe Cleaners, Feathers, Buttons, Fun Edged Scissors, Stamps, etc.

Art Smock

Book Box Subscription – ex: Bookroo (ages 0-6)

Learning Tools – pattern blocks, magnetic letters, globe, puzzles, etc.

MORE Non-Toy Gift Ideas – Giving Practical Gifts and Experiences InsteadSpecial Ornament

White Board and Dry Erase Markers

Bible or Devotional

Indoor Active Play – small trampoline, hopscotch rug, bean bag toss, indoor parachute, etc.

Lunch Box – So many options for making school lunches easier to pack and eat, but they are often expensive so they would make a great gift.

Rug – Lots of options for kids to play on like a city with roads. Kids can use their cars and trucks on it but don’t have to have the mess of a full city of toys out too! Rugs can be left out as a decoration/to add color to a room or rolled up and put away fairly easily. 

Something Homemade – hat, scarf, blanket, doll clothes, etc. If you don’t sew, knit, or crochet, make a fleece tie blanket!

Personalized Chair (example)

Personalized Name Stool – My kids love theirs and use them often!

Day of Fun – Offer to either take the child/ren for the day or go along with the child/ren and their family to a specific place. Could be as simple as going to a park or out to eat, or you could take them somewhere like the Children’s Museum, Sir Bounce-a-Lots, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Gift Cards for: dance classes (ex: Fusion Dance), local Community Center classes, music classes, etc. Membership (or any other app)

Book Shelf – My kids have two similar to these, and they are wonderful. So easy for kids to find books and more importantly put them away! Plus they look nice in just about any room.

MORE Non-Toy Gift Ideas – Giving Practical Gifts and Experiences InsteadColored Pencils, Markers, Crayons, Kwik Stix, Paints, Watercolors, Bath Crayons, Do-a-Dot Markers, etc.

Any other ideas to share that your child would enjoy??