Mother’s Day DIY – Painted Succulent Planters


I have been a momma for almost 12 years, and I love jewelry, candles, flowers and chocolate but quite honestly I have enough of all of those. And I know my mom and mother-in-law are, too. So I asked myself “what would I like to get for Mother’s Day?” And the answer was so simple…somethings the boys could make me! So that is what spawned the idea to find an easy, inexpensive and kid friendly project we could do for the Grandmas.

 I have this thing for succulents right now, but I don’t have any in my home. So that is where it all started! I also wanted a cement planter, and I had found ways to make them, but they weren’t super easy and seamed to have lots of room for error, which with my luck is never a good idea! While doing a search on Amazon I found these vases that looked like cement, were small and just the right price! But they were so plain, so I started looking up ways to spruce them up! And found super cute painted vases! And, here is the tutorial that my boys helped with every step of the way!



Vases of your choice

Paint color(s) of your choice

Painters tape

Foam paint brush

Plants (real or fake)

Sharpie of your choice

Plant labels

Total cost per vase is about $9.60!

 We started off by taping vases in different patterns


Then, we painted 4 coats letting each coat fully dry.


Remove the tape

 Transfer plant


Write cute sayings on plant labels


Share with the Moms you love most!!!!


All my love,

Nichole Garcia

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