My Mother’s Day


I wake up at 10 am. My husband and children have coffee and breakfast waiting for me. Not only that but the dishes and home is magically clean. There is no laundry to be folded, no bathroom messes, and no toys in sight. I drink my coffee in solitude while the children are patiently waiting for us to start the day.

The children all come to give me gifts and hugs without pushing or yelling at each other. As a matter of fact, they are all being so polite to me and each other that we are truly enjoying the morning. We play a game as a family and then head out to go to the zoo. There we walk around looking at the animals, laughing and playing until it is time to go home. At home we put the kids in bed and my husband and I spend the rest of the night snuggling on the couch, watching a movie.  This is what I expect my Mother’s Day to look like…

My Mother’s Day Realities

It is not 10 am… It is 6… I wake to the screaming of my daughter because one of her brothers is not playing the way she wants to play. My husband can sleep through everything so I need to get up to deal with them. I am the one who makes the breakfast and coffee. The house is still a mess from the everyday battles of chaos. There is no peace and quiet for me.

The children fight over matching plates, whether or not a joke is funny, and being accidentally touched by someone. If we do go out of the house, it is a constant battle of counting kids, or listening to “I’m tired” or “I’m hungry.”  After we put the kids to bed, my husband and I crash instead of watching a movie.

Honestly, my Mother’s Day looks more like a regular day

Lets face it, normal life doesn’t stop just because it is Mother’s Day. Some everyday tasks still need finishing.  Sometimes my expectations of the day do not allow me to notice the small wonderful things that my children do for me. And either I can focus on how bad I feel because I didn’t get what I expected or I can see what is there.  

I get the sweet moment of them all shouting “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom” (of course all of them trying to be louder than the others) and the hugs and kisses from all of them. Sometimes they make me a card. Other times they pick dandelions from our yard. Or the kids play outside so I can relax for 15 minutes. Yes, these things are not much, but they are my children’s way of making me feel special and appreciated. I can let go of my expectations and let my children show me that they appreciate me and give them grace when they are just being kids and forget.

There are many times in life where I don’t get what I expect or want. My days will never be perfect. But that shouldn’t stop me from seeing those little moments of love and appreciation that sneak in the day.

And if your Mother’s Day looks like mine, let me be the first one to tell you, You are Special and Appreciated! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Jennifer is the co-owner of Green Bay Area Mom. She is a mother of 4 children ages 11 and under, residing in Suamico with her husband Brett of 14 years. She achieved her Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, majoring in Psychology and Human Development. Jennifer invests the hours of her day into homeschooling her children, reading books, having coffee with friends, and teaching others about finances and personal development. She serves people through LIFE Leadership, passionate about helping friends improve their lives by learning different information. Jennifer loves the people in GB and the fun things to do here.