We took our kids on a Fox Valley light show tour!


A friend and I loaded up our kids to do a Fox Valley light show tour recently, and it was a hit for all of us!

Each kid (ages 6-11) put on their pajamas and brought something to snuggle in the van.  We hit the road by 4 PM on a Saturday and did a quick stop for takeout (kids agreed on one place, moms got theirs from another – this made everyone happy!), and we were off to the lights.

Our first stop was at Float Light (609 W College Ave., Appleton).  Float Light is a business with a light display on the side of the building.  They featured music from some well-known films in their show, and I personally really liked how the lights from the business showed through the glass bricks.

Next, we visited N9599 Clover Ridge Trl (Appleton).  This home does a beautiful light show which is Christian/faith-focused to start.  I personally loved the nativity setup and the intro song.  Our kids loved the classic Christmas songs and particularly had fun singing along to one (no spoilers!).  This show is longer at over 20 minutes and it held their interest the whole time.

It was a quick drive to N9348 Mulholland Ln (Appleton) to see the debut of this brand-new show.  This house did a very fun, energetic show with a great use of their lights and effects.  The kids really enjoyed a song from a movie that easily gets stuck in your head.  This show is over 15 minutes long and is accepting donations for a local charitable organization.

After this, we pointed the car toward N172 Crooked Pine Ct (Appleton) to check out what we called the Mickey Light Show since some of the lights are Disney-themed.  The kids loved the introduction, and I really liked the serene arrangement of the Christmas Canon from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  This home is accepting donations for the Children’s Hospital.

This seems like a good time to mention that our kids did a scavenger hunt while we went from house to house.  (You should be able to find some fun light show scavenger hunts on Pinterest.)  We also brought along some cash to leave at the donation boxes (which were all secured) – the kids all took turns dropping off the donations in the bins at the different houses.

By now, we were ready for a longer drive, so we drove to Main St in Hortonville.  This light display is across from Dairy Queen, so the kids got an ice cream treat while we watched a popular current Christmas tune shown on a very cool screen/display.  This display also has a unique option to choose a song from their preset song list if your browser is compatible.  This house had a good mix of classic and new Christmas songs and a nice use of their lights.  This home is accepting donations for their school’s PTO.

Next, we headed toward Oshkosh to check out Brody’s Light Show on Westbreeze Dr.  This show is very unique, as it is programmed and put on by a 12-year-old named Brody.  This is Brodys 4th year with synchronized lights, and I was very impressed with the upgrades since last year – I especially like the Mega Arches over the driveway.  Brody accepts donations for The Oshkosh Kids Foundation.

Our second to last stop for the night was in Omro at Benesch Lights on Georgetown.  This is a new light show this year.  There are current and classic Christmas songs featured, and I thought their display showed a lot of Christmas spirit with cute graphics.

Our final stop of the night was Fisherlightshow on Maple Ridge Rd in Berlin.  This light show is near and dear to my heart since it’s put on by close friends of ours (our fellow light show travel companions!) and my children help narrate a part of the show.  This show boasts almost 10,000 bulbs this year, with a great mix of musical styles and lots of props, including a new addition of a tree.  They are accepting donations for the Boys & Girls Club of the Tri-County Area.

(For those keeping track of the time, we pulled into the driveway for this show right at 9:45 PM.)

At this point in the night, your kids should be tired enough that they will sleep on the way home, hopefully dreaming of LED light shows set to synchronized music and visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.  

If you end up heading out to see any of these Fox Valley Light Show Tour stops, please leave a comment about which one(s) you went to see!  


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