Get Your Kids In The Kitchen With Crustology!


I’m going to be brutally honest… I don’t like to cook.  I get overwhelmed easily and struggle to come up with ideas for my family’s dinners!  Because of that, it’s my personal Mom mission to prevent my kids from feeling the same way!  I want to get my kids in the kitchen, teach them how to cook starting at a young age, and give them confidence in the kitchen that I wish I had!  So when Crustology sent me their amazing cracker pizza crusts, I knew it was THE PERFECT opportunity to get my kids in the kitchen!  

Homemade pizza is usually something we reserve for special occasions.  In fact, my daughter had just requested it for her special birthday meal!  Normally, I use a crust out of a can, which requires being baked before adding toppings.  This means I don’t feel comfortable letting my kids help make the pizza because I’m too worried they will get burned.  

Crustology’s crusts don’t require pre-baking, which makes it 100% safe and easy for my kids to make their own pizza! Now homemade pizza night can become a regular in our meal rotation!  

My kids love bacon and cheese pizza, so we make it simple by using pre-cooked bacon bits, but take it to the next level by using fresh mozzarella chunks!  It adds an extra ooey-gooey cheesy goodness that we love! 

My 3 & 6-year olds were able to make the entire pizza on their own and I handled the oven part.  For older kids, with a few staples on hand, they can make pizza night any night!  

Crustology has 3 different pizza crust flavors to make your creations as unique as your family’s tastes!  

The OG – the “original” Crustology crust, a traditional thin cracker crust made extra delicious by being created with a long fermentation process. 

Micro Brew – which takes the classic cracker crust and adds a Wisconsin brewed dark beer and fermented beer grains to give it a roasted flavor. Cookson says it pairs well with toppings like BBQ Sauce, Aged Cheddar Cheese, and Beef Brisket.

Herb Infused – the cracker crust is infused with a plethora of seasoning. Cookson recommends it for toppings like Brie, Pear, and Arugula or Classic Pepperoni.

Crustology was created by brother and sister duo Anne Cookson and Chris Miller whose family has been in the pizza business in Milwaukee for over 5 decades!  Crustology offers online ordering and free delivery on orders over $30.  One 3-pack of crusts is only $12 and they can be frozen for up to 6 months!   They also offer a pizza screen (for baking your pizza to perfection) and a delicious pizza seasoning on their website.

I decided to test each type of crust, so I made 3 different pizzas!  On the Herb Infused crust, we made the kids’ bacon pizza and added a little of their pizza seasoning on top.  On The OG, I made our favorite pizza recipe (and used the pizza seasoning when cooking the ground beef), and on the Micro Brew, I made Crustology’s recipe for Thai Chicken Pizza.

In fact, if you’re looking for pizza inspiration, Crustology’s website has 12 different pizza recipes!  And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for even more ideas!  

So what’s my honest opinion of the crusts?  The flavors are delicious!  They all have a unique flavor, but it is subtle, not overpowering, so it really just adds that extra something to your pizza!  In terms of texture, if you like thin-crust pizzas, it’s perfect!  If you like a thick, doughy pizza crust, these might not be for you.  My kids really loved them, which is always a WIN!

Story Update: As of March 8, Crustology began selling a gluten-free pizza crust that you can order at!


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We hope you enjoy your next Family Pizza Night as much as we did!  

This post was sponsored by Crustology. We love supporting Wisconsin businesses and only share what we believe in!