Menominee Park Zoo, The Most Adorable Free Zoo Around


Are you looking for something fun to do? Something free? Something that can be done in a day? Well, I know a place just for you. Menominee Park Zoo, located in Oshkosh, right near Lake Winnebago.

It’s so worth the drive!

This free zoo is so adorable! It’s so nicely landscaped and has a cute, tranquil little waterfall inside.

I personally love the bridge at the Menominee Park Zoo. It’s a great way to capture some quick family photos too.

Plus, it’s super stroller-friendly!

We were lucky to go on a day where the weather wasn’t scorching hot, just slightly scorching, and keeping the animals from being active. We found the basking turtles, an albino raccoon, as well as the roaming tortoise to be some of our favorites.

The zoo also has otters, elk, foxes, a donkey, and more!

We realized on the way out that we actually missed part of the zoo!! Definite facepalm moment.

The zoo also schedules fun activities throughout the day like animal enrichment opportunities and fun crafting activities. You can check out their Facebook page or visit the zoo’s webpage for times.

We decided to eat outside of the zoo as no carry-ins are allowed, so we sat on the shore of Lake Winnebago. There were sailboats off in the distance and crazy seagulls trying to steal our food. You can grab food at the concession stand, The Lake Fly Cafe, if that’s easier or you don’t want to deal with food thieves. Nobody will judge you for that. Those birds are nuts!

After touring the Menominee Park Zoo, be sure to walk across the street to the newly updated playground!

This playground is amazing!

It has a music area, teeter-totters, monkey bars, things that twirl, and things that tilt. It has a giant slide you need to climb levels up to get to the top and in order to slide down it. Another fun feature, there’s also a very mini “obstacle course” with shakers and beams and a climbing wall.

If that’s not enough and you’re looking for even more to do, there’s a Children’s Amusement center nearby. We did not visit this area but did see it as we left. The center consists of a train and rentable equipment like aqua bikes, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards/boats. It looked like a ton of fun!

We will definitely be hitting that place up next time we go!

For being free, this day trip was one of the most fun zoo and park days my family and I have had in a long time!

I highly encourage you to make the trip to the Menominee Park Zoo. You won’t be disappointed.


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