Mom’s Night Out


Let’s face it Moms, we all need a night out! Being a mom is an exhausting, self-sacrificing, and most of the time thankless job (even though it is worth the work). So sometimes we need to get out of all of the serving and just have a little fun. So gather up some friends and try these ideas and places for your next Moms Night Out!

Green Bay Escape Room

Take an hour to tackle puzzles to break out of a room. There are 3 themed rooms to choose from with their own challenges. Perfect for those who want to challenge their minds.

Captain Walk’s Winery

Sip and chat with your friends or have a wine tasting party. If you plan on chatting longer check out reserving a room upstairs and have a quiet fun place to chat.

Coffee Shop

One of my favorite Mom’s Night activities. Coffee shops like Luna, Kavarna and The Attic are great places to grab tables at and chat. Bring games or crafts with to make it even more fun.

Game Night

Grab a few of your favorite games and head to a coffee shop or a friends home. If you are not sure what games you like head to Gnome Games and test out a few new ones.

Zip lining or Rock climbing at Zoo

Take an exciting adventure a the New Zoo’s Adventure Park. Rock climb, Zip line or challenge yourself on the ropes course.


Head to a movie that you would not watch with the kids.

Blizzard, Bullfrogs or Gamblers Game

Whether or not you are interested in sports, one of these events will be fun with a group of friends joining you.

Event at Fox Valley PAC, Weidner Center or Resch Center

Watch a comedian, play or listen to music at one of the great Preforming Arts Centers in the area.

Try on Fancy dresses

Around prom time, I love walking into some of the local dress shops and trying on some of the dresses that I have no occasion to wear. For even more fun, let your friends pick out the ones you need to try on. Lot’s of laughs!

City Deck

On good weather days, check out the city deck. Eat at the local restaurants or just sit by the water and soak in the sun!

Frisbee Golf

Head to the local parks that have Frisbee Golf. Triangle Hill and Pamperin Park are just a couple that you can check out.

Art Garage

Look around at art from local artists.

Paint or Craft night

Head to Craft Ninja Studios or Palette and Pub to create your own masterpieces.

Rummage Sales

Search for hidden treasures that can be found in some of the neighborhood wide rummage sales

Walk the Fox River Trail

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the trail while getting in some exercise.


Grab a drink, some marshmallows and sit around a campfire chatting and telling stories.

Random Road trip

Hop in a car, one person picks a city to drive to and go! Once you get there, ask the locals for the best spot to eat and the places to see. This is a great way to explore and make some memories with your friends.

Photo Scavenger hunt

Make a list of places to take photos or items to find. Set a time limit, split into teams and GO!

So take a break, grab some friends and make some memories!  Post other ideas for your Mom’s Night Out adventures!