Books to the Rescue! Brown County



A unique and inspiring non-profit program has just made its way to Brown County!  Books to the Rescue! Brown County launched in August of this year and is looking to make a difference in Brown County and the surrounding communities.

Books to the Rescue! is a program that launched in Ohio about a year ago.  Its mission is to equip police cruisers and rescue personnel with bags or bins that are stocked with books and activities. These books and activities will be given to children in crisis situations to help distract and comfort those little ones in their times of need.  These bags of books can also be used in crisis centers, or any place that there may be children who need something to calm them in a difficult situation.


The first departments to receive books in Greene Co, Ohio.
The first departments to receive books in Greene Co, Ohio.

Research has shown that 26% of children will witness or experience a traumatic event before they turn four. Brown County is a safe community, but even something like a car accident can happen in an instant, and put kids in a place of need.

In Brown County

Stephanie Krahn, who is a local teacher, read about this program and wanted to bring it to the area.  She is the coordinator for Brown County area.   So far Ashwaubenon Public Safety has joined and is looking to fill 11 cruisers. Krahn is hopeful that more departments and organizations will join soon too.

“The goal and purpose is to give first responders,officers or any adults in these situations appropriate and effective books and activities to help children who are put in helpless situations.  It’s an easy way to make a big impact during difficult situations,” says Krahn.  “Ashwaubenon Public Safety is a department I hold in high regard so I am so glad they became a part of this. Hopefully other departments in the near future will benefit as well.”

How Can I Help?

The program will obtain books from a variety of sources, but mostly through a matching grant called “Literacy For a Lifetime” through the Educational Development Corporation.  Every donation will be matched 50% to make dollars go much, much further to purchase quality books and activities.  It costs about $200 to fill one bin or bag.

Books to the Rescue!

Books to the Rescue! Brown County is a project fund through the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation.  Individual and business donations of $100 or more will be tax deductible. Corporation partnerships are also being sought to sponsor the bins and other materials.   

If you know of an organization that would benefit from having a Books to the Rescue! Bag at their place, please contact Stephanie.  Let’s make a difference for the kids in our great community.