A Lack of Diapers Stinks! Donate to Diaper Green Bay


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many insights into the way we live our lives. Perhaps the most poignant is the importance of community. Taking care of the most vulnerable is the responsibility of all of us, and the upcoming Diaper Green Bay diaper drive aims to do just that.

The mission of the event is to provide clean, dry diapers for babies in need in our community. So what does diaper need look like?

Diaper Need

A school social worker in Green Bay recently met with a family who was experiencing financial struggles. The social worker noticed the family’s baby was wearing a swim diaper—and it was leaking.

Now, any parent who has used swim diapers knows that they are designed to allow water and moisture to pass through them.

Of course, this family knew this too, but it was all they had. They were out of diapers and could not afford to purchase more at that time. They were doing the best they could to keep their child clean.

When I learned of this story, my mama heart cracked in half.

Stop for a moment and try to put yourself in this mother’s position. She reached for a clean diaper that day, but there were none. And there was no money to go out and buy a pack. The swim diaper was her only option. And even that was a temporary Band-aid.

The average supply of diapers costs $100 per month, and government assistance programs like WIC do not cover diapers or wipes.

Furthermore, big box stores with discounted prices are not easily accessible by individuals who rely on public transportation and live in urban areas. Instead, they must shop at convenience stores and pharmacies, which have inflated prices.

Cloth diapers often are not feasible because most laundromats prohibit the washing of cloth diapers in their machines, citing sanitary reasons. 

These factors can all lead to children sitting in soiled diapers for extended periods of time, causing rashes, pain, and discomfort. Babies that are in pain are irritable, fussy, and challenging.

Green Bay Doulas explains that this is precisely the reason that diaper need increases rates of child abuse and infanticide. Lack of clean diapers creates fussy babies, which creates stressed parents, which can cause them to snap. 

Diaper Green Bay

Thankfully for this family, the social worker remembered Diaper Green Bay—an annual diaper drive put on by Green Bay Doulas and House of Hope—and contacted the local shelter for assistance. Beth Hudak, the Community Engagement Manager at House of Hope, was able to provide a donation of diapers to this family and help them in their time of need. 

Diaper Green Bay donation bo
Photo Credit: Shayna Marie Personal Brand Imagery

The Diaper Green Bay drive provides an annual supply of diapers and wipes for the residents of House of Hope—primarily women and children experiencing homelessness or housing issues. But the drive also allows House of Hope to function as an amazing community resource for other organizations to call upon in their clients’ times of need. 

This year, Diaper Green Bay’s goal is to collect 50,000 diapers, and they need our community’s help to get there.

Making a difference in the lives of these children and removing the burden of diapers for their parents is as easy as opening your Amazon app. Click here to view the Diaper Green Bay Amazon wish list. 

This year’s diaper drive is scheduled for July 18 at House of Hope, but you can also drop off diapers at any of these local businesses between now and then.

You can even donate open packages of diapers! This is a great opportunity to clear out some diapers that your kiddos have grown out of or no longer need. All while making a positive impact in the lives of others in our community.