Winter Series One: Ice Skating


Ice SkateI love living in Wisconsin. I don’t even mind Wisconsin winters; however, I know my wintery love isn’t necessarily a shared opinion by all Wisconsinites. I think most of us can agree that Wisconsin is a beautiful state and the opportunities to enjoy nature in Wisconsin is boundless (yes, even during the winter season). For my next several posts, I hope to help share my love for Wisconsin winters and help others find enjoyment too! You may even find that winter is more tolerable once you find activities to do outside.  First up, ice skating in Green Bay!

Know before you go!:

  • All rinks are located in Green Bay unless otherwise noted.
  • Not all rinks may be open yet (in December), please verify before heading out.
  • COVID has brought many changes and it’s recommended to check if the park, or rink, you want to visit is making ice this year. If the website link isn’t recently updated, it may be best to call the parks and recreation department of that park’s city.
  • This article is including skate opportunities that are indoors and/or located outside of the Green Bay community; this is for future reference in non-COVID years. We recommend following CDC guidelines for indoor gathering and traveling.
  • Two asterisks (**) denote parks that have a hockey rink.

Pay to ice skate options:
Titletown (outdoors, masks still required, a waiver needs to be completed online before visiting the park. Waiver needs to be completed every time).
Cornerstone (Ashwaubenon) (Indoors. Temporarily canceled public skating for now due to COVID)

Free ice skate options (parks):
Astor Park
Atkinson Park
Beaumont Park
John Muir Park
Legion Park** (De Pere)
McAuliffe Park
Navarino Park
Patriot Park (De Pere)
Pinewood Park** (Howard)
*No ice rink at VFW Park in De Pere this year.

Free ice skate rinks with ice attendant & warming shelters*:
Beaver Dam Park**
Colburn Park**
Edison Park**
Perkins Park** (rentals available in warming shelter; $3 per rental)
Red Smith Park**
*Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 4pm-8pm; Sat-Sun 12pm-8pm

Feel like exploring the state? Check out some of these other ice skating opportunities:

Appleton Ice, INC (Appleton) (Indoors. Temporarily closed to public skating due to COVID)
The Edgewater (Madison)
Slice of Ice at Red Arrow Park (Milwaukee)
Winter Park (Minocqua)
Mill Pond Ice Skating Rink (Plymouth)

I hope you and your family find enjoyment in these ice skating in Green Bay recommendations! Stay tuned for my next Winter Series which will focus on tubing/sledding! Happy ice skating!

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