A Valentine’s Gift for Your Spouse… that Gives to Your Marriage ALL Year Long!


Practical. That would be a word to describe my husband and I and our gift-giving to each other.  Neither one of us splurges or goes all out for Christmas, birthdays or Valentine’s Day.  We get what we need all year, so we sometimes don’t exchange more than a card!  If you are like me, or even if you aren’t and go big, here is a practical gift that gives all year long! Any gift that can bring some positive thoughts and love to your marriage all year for under $10 is a winner to me! 

I saw this idea once online and I knew I had to have it.  With two little kids and both of us working full-time jobs, there are some days when we don’t even see each other.  If it’s a good day and we do, a lot of our conversations are just spent with the day-to-day logistics of our life. Sound familiar?  

This little, inexpensive gem of a gift will allow you to show your spouse in a different way how much you care!  So what is it?  A picture frame, a piece of scrapbook paper, and a dry erase marker.  

  • Take whatever piece of paper you like at the store and cut it down to fit the size of your frame.  
  • Then run it through your printer at home to say “I love you because…”  
  • Once it’s printed, put it in the frame. How easy is that?

I have it on our dresser in our bedroom.  That way it is something we both see in the morning as we get ready and as we start our days.  We take turns updating and changing it.   Sometimes it’s a few words or a whole paragraph. 

I will tell you that since I have started this over a year ago, my husband has been WAY better at it than me.  I thought it would be hard to make him buy in, but nope! Not at all.  He updates and changes it much more than I do and it’s something I need to get better at. In fact, he just updated it this morning after I had already left for work.  It brings a smile to my face to know he slowed down, wrote something thoughtful, because it would make me happy and feel special that day.  And then it keeps on going with bringing a smile every day until it gets changed.  

So run to the store and spend your $10 on a gift that really will make an impact longer than just February 14. 

(On a side note, when my kids get old enough to read, I plan on adding one to their rooms. I think they need to hear, and read, all the different ways they are loved) 

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Stephanie was born and raised in the Green Bay area. After meeting her husband Tom at UWSP while earning a degree in elementary education, they returned to the area to start their family and careers. Stephanie has been blessed with two outgoing and entertaining children - Landon and Ava. Teaching third grade keeps her plenty busy during the school year but she couldn’t imagine doing anything else! When she’s not at school, Stephanie loves to read, cook (and pretend to be a Masterchef), spend time in Door Co with family and craft/DIY. Her favorite thing in the world is to take her kids to free adventures all around town (or find a great deal while shopping her with her mom!) Literacy is a true passion of Stephanie’s which inspired her to also start her own business with Usborne Books & More!