The Challenging Times of Coronavirus


We are in challenging times. Coronavirus has changed our lives for the long term. I don’t know about you, but a few weeks ago when the shelter-in-place was announced and schools were closed, I was shell shocked.  It was hard to work, deal with kids, and process what was going on.

Everything has changed so fast; faster than our brains can process. The chaos in America and in our community has been difficult to process because our brains are overloaded. We’re grieving what our life was and wondering what our life will be.

For those of us who like a plan and routine, this is hell. Coronavirus has knocked me on my butt! I have no control and routine has been hard to find.

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Most of our family travel has been canceled through August; I don’t know when my step-daughters will go back to school or if they will at all this school year. Will they have soccer this summer? Will our foreign exchange student be able to arrive in August? My husband is a triathlete; will he be racing this summer?

There are so many questions that I want answered.

Blended family life with kids is an interesting new dynamic during these challenging times. There is no control over what happens at the other house (there never is, but this adds to the stress), who they see, where they go, etc. It is not business as usual for learning and I hope they are getting enough done. Thank you to all the teachers for doing what they can, while they are also home with their own children!

When my step-daughters are home, we do what we can with them, push them to do their schoolwork, play outside, play games, visit virtual national parks, bake and cook, but this is a change for them too. I wonder what is going on in their brains even when they say they are fine. We need to remember that this is hard for them too, even if they aren’t showing emotions and we need to make sure that we’re being kind to our kids. Get them outside for some fresh air every day, especially since the weather is getting warmer.

We are ‘social distancing’ and we can’t see our extended family or friends. I miss my friends! My step-daughters and my husband miss their friends too! I don’t have any extended family that lives near me, but now I miss them even more because I know that I can’t visit them. It’s a weird feeling.

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, even if it’s only for five minutes a day and make it simple so that it’s not one more thing overwhelming you. It can be as simple as a face mask, take a 24-hour break from the news and social media, take a walk (move your body in some way), journal, read something fun, make your bed every day, call or Facetime a friend, or clean/organize one area of your house to feel like you accomplished something during these challenging times!

Several of my friends and I have joined an App called Marco Polo, which allows you to send videos back and forth. It’s great because you can record quick videos in between caring for kids, cooking, working, etc. Staying connected will help with your mental health.

Now that we’re a few weeks in, my new normal routine seems to have set in, I’m finding purpose and working to find joy in my day.

How are you?