Car Ride: A Love Letter To My Bi-Racial Daughters


My daughters always beg me to have their windows down when we drive. It does not matter the weather or what time it is- I get asked the same question. Occasionally it is the perfect opportunity and I press the magic button. Suddenly the car is full of giggles and pure joy. I love every moment of it. I look into the rearview mirror and I see smiles from ear to ear. An absolutely beautiful sight. Their dark curly hair blowing in the wind and the sun kissing their brown skin.

At that moment, our car feels safe. I consider taking the long way home because I don’t want to let them go into the real world. A world where people are judged by the color of their skin.  A world where my daughters might feel less than or unaccepted into a world that is more focused on skin color than on a person’s character. It has been scary the past few weeks and my mother’s heart hurts for their exposure to such hurtful things at such a young age.

So dear little brown skin girls, as my hands are on the wheel, I say a prayer under my breath to you. I pray that you stay so innocent and brave- untouched by the scary storms in others’ hearts.

I am so proud of you- you are like the sun- shining through the darkness and have the potential to make the world “one.” You two have become the rainbow that shines through my clouds when my world is spinning and everyone is talking so loud.

My wonderful gift- so pure and rare- you both have so much to share. So much joy, love, and care- we will fight through this when you are scared. The world is so much better because of you- when the world hurts you hurt too.

My special little brown skin girls shine so bright because in a world full of darkness they can be the light…

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Hello friends, I am so honored and excited to be a part of such a wonderful uplifting group of women! My story begins a little over 10 years ago when I moved from the greater Milwaukee area to a little town called Green Bay for my undergrad at UW-GB! Little did I know, the sights and sounds, the food, the craziness of Titletown Sundays, and most importantly meeting my husband Billy (a professional midwesterner) would make me want to call this place my home. I cannot believe the amount of growth and character our beautiful town has achieved in the few years that I have lived here. We have become avid farmer market hoppers, cafe/brewery/winery enthusiasts, and self-proclaimed “foodies.” Billy and I love raising our girls, Tovah and Liesel, to appreciate the world around them and to enjoy where God has placed us in life. We love to celebrate the diversity and eclectic nature of Green Bay by supporting local businesses and being an ally to all who call Green Bay home. When I am not juggling two toddlers at home I love traveling locally and across the country with my family, updating our 70s Dutch colonial home, and serving in our community.