Celebrate National Stepfamily Day on Sept. 16


National Stepfamily Day is celebrated each year on September 16. If you are in a blended family, Happy National Stepfamily Day to you and yours!

If you did not grow up in, or you’re not parenting in a blended family, Sept. 16 may not mean much to you, but to me and others, it means a lot! There is a day focused on our unique family dynamic. Stepmoms and stepdads do not always get recognized on Mother’s or Father’s Day, so this day can be a fun day for stepfamilies to celebrate! National Stepfamily Day was founded in 1997 by Christy Borgeld.

Stepfamilies are all around us. Apparently, one in three Americans live in a stepfamily and more than 50% of Americans will live in a stepfamily at some point in their lives. Thirty percent of children are growing up in stepfamilies. I grew up with a stepdad and I am a stepmom. I have felt no less love in my life and I doubt my step-daughters do either. Instead of two parents who love them, there are more people supporting and loving them.

Step-parenting is one of the hardest things that I have ever done or been part of. There is no lack of conflict, struggle, and loss of control. But if I keep a positive mindset, pick my battles, and learn to let a lot of stuff go, I find that I have a better marriage and parenting relationship with my step-daughters. What works for some step-parents, does not work for others. Do what is best for you!

Below are some ideas for a National Stepfamily Day Celebration:

  1. Have family photos taken.
  2. Cook a meal together. Each family member gets a task in the 
  3. 2 children and 2 parents walking in an orchard, would i marry my husband againkitchen to help with dinner.
  4. Make a special treat, such as brownies or cake, or head out for ice cream to celebrate.
  5. Write letters to each other about why you’re thankful they are in your 
  6. Start a family cookbook and with each recipe, include a memory or the importance of the recipe.
  7. September is generally gorgeous weather in Northeast Wisconsin. Get outside together for a hike, boat ride, bike ride, or for a walk along the Fox River Trail.

If you are in a blended family, take a few minutes on Sept. 16 to celebrate!