The Great Kindness Challenge


The Kindness ChallengeThe time after the holidays we are often left feeling of cold and somber inside, which tends to match the outside weather here in Wisconsin. We also seem to spend our holiday season showering others with kindness and doing everything possible to teach gratitude and ways to give back to others. Enter the beginning of the year. We are cold, tired, everyone is fighting off colds and illness, and we begin to forget about other individuals. We are in survival mode. It is the perfect time for The Great Kindness Challenge!!!

Have you heard of the The Great Kindness Challenge? It is a checklist of kind activities you can do as a family, or in your school. The challenge was intended for the week of Jan. 22- 26 , but any time is always the right time to be kind. Since February 11-17 is Random Acts of Kindness Week, maybe it’s a good time to take a look at that checklist and spread some good. It is free, easy, and doable for everyone! Click here for more information!

Our current world focuses so much on negative publicity, politics, and instances, a little kindness can go a long way! Share with us your stories of kindness.

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Karlie was raised in a small town, a little north of Green Bay. After spending some time in Stevens Point pursuing her psychology degree, she returned closer to home to settle in Green Bay. She met her husband while finishing her master’s degree and interning in his school. Karlie is currently a School Counselor with a passion for behavior therapy, and a full time mommy to an 8 month old son, Lane. As a first time mommy, Karlie is learning to navigate the world of mommyhood and loves to share her experiences and many, many mistakes with anyone willing to listen.