Hiding the Christmas Presents


It’s that time of year?  No, not pumpkin everything, leaves, costumes, and apples. It’s the time of year to begin to stockpile different Christmas gifts for the loved ones in your life!  In our family, we do the something  you want, need, wear and read from us, Mom and Dad. (see my previous post on that). But we also have Santa that comes for our kids until they stop believing.  And that means we have gifts we need to hide. 

Over the years, I’ve seen different ideas of where to hide the gifts.  Attics, trunks of cars (this doesn’t work with a van or SUV), cleaning or kitchen closets and more.  But through our own ideas and ideas from family and friends, I’ve come up with my TOP THREE places to hide the gifts!  And hopefully these ideas last for years for you! (I did know where my parents hid their gifts once I was about eight, sorry Mom!) 

#1 – Suitcases

Unless you are going on a trip soon or travel often, this is a great place!  We keep our suitcases stacked up in our basement and my kids don’t even give them a glance.  I take one out, fill as needed with gifts as needed and return it to the stack!  Regardless of how you store yours, I guarantee it will work! 

# 2- Storage Containers

I know these are expensive at the store and you might not have spare ones lying around, but we always have a few.  90% of them in our basement are filled with clothes. Clothes that my kids have outgrown and are ready for a garage sale.  Clothes that I bought ahead that are waiting to go to their closets. Or my clothes since I have to switch out my winter and summer due to our closet size (or maybe I just need to simplify and have less clothes). Because of this, my kids could care less about the the bins in our basement. They just assume it’s clothes they don’t nee.  So I use the few I have empty and hid bigger gifts in them and stack them like they are full of clothes. 


#3 – Coolers

We use our coolers ALL THE TIME in the summer but in the fall months, not so much!  Again, we have these stacked in our basement and I know many of you have them stacked in  your garage as well. Again, the kids have no need to even glance at the coolers let alone inside of them. And they are spacious enough to store quite a few gifts!  

In all these tips, just make sure you don’t forget where you put the items or you might be in for a surprise the next time you do need a suitcase or cooler!  I’d love to hear if you have any gems of hiding places too. Happy Hiding!   





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Stephanie was born and raised in the Green Bay area. After meeting her husband Tom at UWSP while earning a degree in elementary education, they returned to the area to start their family and careers. Stephanie has been blessed with two outgoing and entertaining children - Landon and Ava. Teaching third grade keeps her plenty busy during the school year but she couldn’t imagine doing anything else! When she’s not at school, Stephanie loves to read, cook (and pretend to be a Masterchef), spend time in Door Co with family and craft/DIY. Her favorite thing in the world is to take her kids to free adventures all around town (or find a great deal while shopping her with her mom!) Literacy is a true passion of Stephanie’s which inspired her to also start her own business with Usborne Books & More!